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Acmos Training is coming to Los Angeles in 2020

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The Paris ACMOS team, lead by Rene Naccachian's children, Isabelle, Caroline and Antoine Naccachian are happy to announce the "return of the Acmos seminars" in the USA.

Starting by Los Angeles, we are proud to introduce you Christophe Claret, a fully approved and certified ACMOS trainer for the last past 5 years ! He has followed Rene Naccachian's rules and rigorous teaching and tutoring methods.

Dates to be confirmed !
Originally planned in July 2020, we are waiting for fresh informations related to health sanitary situation and to worldwide travel possibilities.

ACMOS Bioenergetic training is coming (back) to LOS ANGELES!

The four levels (BIO1 BIO2 BIO3 & BIO4) will be taught during 10 full days of training based on a synergy of theoretical & practical components of the ACMOS Method.

BIO1 & BIO2 :  2023
BIO3 & BIO4 :  2023
Exam : 2023

Time: 9:00am - 12:30pm and 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Location: 600 Moulton Ave, Los Angeles CA, 90031


The ACMOS Seminar pack includes:

✅ 10 days of ACMOS training (BIO1 BIO2 BIO3 BIO4 & Exam)
✅ 1 ACMOS Lecher Antenna
✅ 1 unlimited access to ACMOS E-Learning platform

Price: USD 2 500 / To save your spot: deposit of € 550  (USD 610).


To book your spot please click on the following link:


ACMOS certified trainer: Christophe Claret


To learn more about the ACMOS Method:


About the training Program:

☯ BIO1: Energy dimension knowledge and the measurement of the Human Being within its environment:


  • Learning how to use the Lecher Antenna
  • Practicing an Energy Balance session
  • ACMOS Method: origin, evolution & goals
  • Foundations of the Method: vibratory & energetic bodies
  • Energetic Fields & Wavelenghts
  • The different energies & their circulation paths
  • The energetic circuits: energy vehicles
  • Chronobiology & energetic circulation within the body - ACMOS protocol approach


☯ BIO2: Energetic Stimulation - Measurement & Harmonizing instruments:


  • Quiz & Fundamental reminders of BIO1
  • The acupuncture meridians
  • The Marvellous Vessels: Tchrong Mo, Tae Mo, Yang Keo, Yin Keo
  • Measurements & Analysis of the energetic circuits potential
  • ACMOS Energetic Stimulation protocol
  • ACMOS table of points & points of the big functions
  • Analysis of the results: Study cases


☯ BIO3: Harmonization of the Bio-fields & The Law of the 5 Elements


  • Energy Communication Pathways
  • The ACMOS Harmonies
  • The Inner Polarity
  • Polarity of the Body’s Systems
  • The Acmodynamisation Process
  • Acmogram presentation
  • The Five Elements
  • The Mother & Son Points
  • The Acmogram Program

☯ BIO4: Improving the Energetic Quality of the Body through global balancing


  • The 5 Dominant Harmonisations
  • The Acmograph Chart
  • The Acmodynamisation Protocol
  • Finishing the Main Protocol
  • Practical Application
  • The Non-Dominant Harmonisations
  • Introduction to Energy Balance at Distance
  • ACMOS Distance Balance


 Registration contact (WhatsApp): Christophe +33 6 223 57 616


Christophe, ACMOS Trainer

Tel (WhatsApp): +33622357616


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