Complete Acmos Valise Products - 4 Instruments

Complete Acmos Valise "VATHA" (with 4 instruments)

The ACMOS VATHA Composition - Products & Instruments - ACMOS : 

The ACMOS Valise with 7 trays :

The ACMOS valise presents the ACMOS range of products and test and measures instruments in easy to use trays. This makes it possible to identify deficiencies in harmony in the deep level of the organism.
To identify the chromatic filters and restore the missing frequency, source of the problem, a light tray is integrated in the ACMOS valise.
The ACMOS Valise is composed of sturdy aluminum, it is modular: each of  the seven trays is detachable and secured to the side with a system of PVC hinges.

  1. 4 "standards" trays with foams for phyto, homeopathies, trace-elements, essential oils, minerals and complexes.
  2. 1 light Chromotherapy  tray
  3. 1 instrument tray empty with foam to keep your test and measures instruments safe
  4. 1 cover tray


4 Test and Stimulation ACMOS instruments :

  1. ACMOS Lecher Antenna
  2. Acmos7 Biofeedback Testing Unit
  3. Detector / Stimulator Acmodermil (Available Jan/Feb 2020)
  4. Light Stimulator QuantAcmos


10 ranges of harmonies of the human being :

  1. Hereditary (24 Acmos Essential Oils)
  2. Mineral structure (9 Acmos Minerals)
  3. Blood and hepatic disorders, infections (3 Indicators)
  4. Endocrine disorders (10 Trace-Elements)
  5. Hormonal disconnection in the brain (45 Homeopathy)
  6. Unconscious & Conscious Psychic (30+15 Homeopathy)
  7. The antidotes, anti-drug poisoning and allergies (45 Homeopathy)
  8. Seasonal nutritional deficiency & jetlag (5 Seasonal)
  9. 2 complexs Yin & Yang
  10. Acmos Phytotherapy : Nutritional general deficiency (40 herbs)
  11. Acmos Chromotherapy : Elimination deficiency (Workboard of 20 glass Colour filters)


ACMOgram 2020 Licence 

  • Lifetime licence
  • Online Conception tools for ACMOgram compatible with all supported web navigators (Mac, PC, IOS, Android etc...)


Optional components (not included) :

  1. Tumoral indicators (9 VAF)
  2. Acmos Brain connectors (15 ABC)

The delivery time of the ACMOS Valise is  from 3 to 7 days, depending on products and instruments availability  and preparation and assembly time of the valise.

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4 620,00 € TTC     

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