QuantAcmos Light Stimulator III - Destockage

Destocking: the Quantacmos has small visual imperfections (scratches, slight chrome defects) but remains perfectly functional.
Quantacmos Version III 

(Without transport case)

  • Stimulates Acupuncture energy points. The blue light sedates and the red light dynamizes. Both mixed lights activate the point channel.
  • Activates energy channel of the human body by pressing both lights and scanning the middle line on the front from over the head to the pelvis.
  • Activates energy channels of animal, vegetal and matter which are "disconnected" energetically
  • Reinforces human channel if placed on or near the body (traveling, meetings, sleeping...). After scanning as instructed above the QA will maintain energy with the lights off.
  • Sedates pain areas when they are scanned with the blue light.
  • Dynamizes weak areas (cold and pale) when scanned with the red light.
  • Can displace pathogenic energy knot in a room by placing the QA in a strategic point identified by the Acmos questioning technique.

Référence selectionnée : A006Destock

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