Stages en Anglais à Paris

Last English seminar in Paris :

Due to the health situation, the English ACMOS seminar in Paris, 
with Carol Robertson and Widad Nash,
could not be rescheduled since last fall.
We will keep you posted on new opportunities as soon as possible.

Autumn 2020

Levels 1-4 available as fast-track seminar - conditions apply*
Levels 1 & 2 are open to new students
Levels 3 & 4 are open to returning students and fast track students who meet the criteria below *

*Full seminar
(fast track level 1 to 4) is open to those who have a good command of the English language, some understanding of how the body functions and preferably a basic knowledge of the Chinese Medicine meridian system.

The full 6 days of level 3 & 4 must be completed in one visit to allow exam preparation to suit the specific needs of the class.
Repeating students/ practitioners : please contact us for special reduced rates.


The class will be led by Master's ACMOS METHOD™ teachers

Widad NASH

The ACMOS Method is one of the most advanced 21st century health system. It combines the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurvedic Medicine with the scientific findings of quantum physics and applies it to health for humanity.
The system was developed using a specifically engineered range of measuring instruments. These continue to be used: to rigorously test, find and apply solutions and, verify the effect of energy balancing on the human body.

Summer in Paris








THE ACMOS TRAINING COURSE introduces you to the medicine of the future.

Paris in Autumn
  • Learn an easy way to measure the energy blocks provoking symptoms and disorders.
  • How to fully balance the person’s energy.
  • How to restore the flow of information within the body.
The classes will be led in English by ACMOS Method teachers Carol Robertson and Widad Nash.
Paris by Night
Learn how to energetically balance the body within the environment using the ACMOS Method.
The ACMOS training provides information and the means to access and influence the energetic dimension. It uses a thorough scientific approach to balance each person in their body, nutrition and environment.

The concept is a result of more than 30 years of research which enables anyone to learn the skills needed to restore their own vibrant good health. Practitioners can work with clients to balance their energy, their living or work space and their pets.

The wisdom of traditional medicine is augmented using cutting edge scientific instruments including :
  • the Lecher Antenna to measure, re-tune missing harmonious links and re-test
  • the Acmos 7 Biofeedback test unit to assess the effect of energy blocks on the body circuits/ meridians
  • the Acmodermil electrical stimulator and the Quantacmos light stimulator to re-tune fragile acupoints.

During the course, you will learn :
  • how to use the ACMOS instruments for assessment and tuning.
  • how to reason and apply the ACMOS protocols.
  • how to conduct a full global balance.
  • how to use essential oils, minerals, remedies and colour therapy to balance the energy.
Global equilibrium is the result of precise measurement, correct reasoning and re-tuning to release energetic tensions through a variety of different processes. Understanding the hidden source of the symptoms allows the practitioner to translate the information, held within the body, to the person being balanced giving them insight and self-empowerment.
Symptoms of a disease may reflect an imbalance deeply rooted in the body. Surface manifestations of illness are often perceived as ‘the problem’ however they are really the way the body communicates its imbalance – symptoms are alerts calling for vigilance. It follows that treatment of the symptoms may hide a deeper issue.
The main objective of the ACMOS Method is to seek the origin symptoms which may be: hereditary, environmental or traumatic. By strengthening the underlying energetics, we regain our capacity to cope with the various challenges which our life-style and inherited characteristics expose us to.

Optimise the natural capacities of Self-Healing, Self- Management & Self-Repair

The course is open to anyone who seeks to understand the flow of information and energy in order to maintain their own healthy equilibrium and to restore the energy balance of others. It is not necessary to possess specific medical knowledge to access training seminars. You will be able to practice the essentials of the ACMOS Method on family and friends. Once certified professionally, you can help clients to understand and manage their energy balance for well-being. In time, as a confirmed practitioner, you may be eligible to apply to become an ACMOS Centre.
Paris at dawn

  • Introduction: origin, history & philosophy of the 4 stages of development of the ACMOS Method
  • Presentation of the instruments & the test Valise of harmonisation
  • Introduction to the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine within the Method
  • ACMOS view of Yin and Yang
  • Understanding the 3 forces which drive the energy fields & the Human energy channel
  • Introduction to the theory of ACMOS bioenergetics & balancing techniques using the ACMOprotocol
  • ACMOS view of the glands, chakras, cellular division & bio-fields
  • Compatibility analysis of the vibrational quality of products
  • Introduction to the 37 levels of disorder and the methods of harmonisation
  • Use of the Acmograph chart
  • Principles and practical application of the ACMOS stimulation protocol
  • Contra-indications to stimulation
  • Study of the marvellous vessels and the coupled organs
  • Learn to use of the table of points
  • Use of principle circuits and points
  • ACMOS treatment of pain
  • Principles and practical application of the Acmos environmental protocol.
  • Circulation of the energy fields
  • Quality of the bio-energetician
  • Constitution of the essential energy central, forces & management of regeneration
  • Review of the principle of the Valise and instruments in clinical practice
  • Practical identification of the level of disorder
  • Principles of energetic symmetry and polarity
  • Principles and practical application of the Law of the five elements
  • The difference between ACMOS and Pathos
  • The five types of dominant harmonisation
  • Secondary types of pathos
  • Energetic dominance and its relevance to the practical application of the Method
  • Applying compatibility analysis to side effects - compensation
  • The elimination function of chromo-therapy
  • Features of the ACMOS Method to restore the energetic potential
  • Dialogue with the energy body, Quantum ACMOS,
  • Acmo-dynamisation, Radio communication techniques using ABC's
  • Acmos balancing at distance
  • Acmosmog for EMF aggressions
  • Acmogram symbols to de-programme virtual aggressions
  • Study of special situations (i.e. insomnia, pregnancy, specific sickness…)
Certification comprises of 2 parts:
  1. The Acmos theory exam which students sit on the last day of the seminar
  2. Evidence of practical application and understanding which is observed during the seminar and completed using clinical case studies.

The number of case studies required varies with the competence demonstrated with the theory exam and the practical application during the seminar. A minimum of 3 studies of acceptable standard are required for certification.


4 days (28 hours total) Price  € 600
6 days (42 hours total) Price € 900

Total hours (approx) : 70
Total price € 1 500
  • Deposit of €150 payable upon application to reserve your place (deducted from total price)
  • 10% Discount granted for early inscription (before March 31 2019)
  • 30% discount granted for refreshers
The course will take place at:
11 rue La Fayette, 75009 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 45 26 03 57


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