Stress Managment

The ACMOS Method enables by measurement, analysis and through experience to repair the damage caused to someone by stress. Positive stress, is when the body is capable of organising itself to face the tensions of the innate or inborn, and that are acquired from the environment.

Problems arise when there is an excess of these combined tensions if the body is then unable to harmonise them causing that persons body to effectively ‘give up ground’.

In order to maintain priority circuits in the body and keep them open and operational, it is forced to ‘give up’ the weaker sectors of the body, or big energy consuming circuits that are judged overall, to be of secondary importance. This action is destress.

At this point the body is actually stressed, and is unable to control its systems of self-defence and self protection without abandoning at its surface levels of operation to disorder. This is done in order to protect the deeper and more important elements.

For an employer the professional stress result in:

1. Visible absenteeism: where a days or a week or more are lost through minor health issues: headaches, digestive troubles, minor aches and pains and similar conditions
2. Hidden absenteeism: where the member of staff is unwell but continues to sit at their desk but is feeling too stressed to work properly
3. Non optimum performance: these are people who lack full energy vitality and concentration but might in themselves be only vaguely aware of their condition

What you will learn :

  1. ACMOS Method: Energy that can be empirically measured !
  2. How it can be applied in the working environment and business
  3. And, what are the results ?
  4. Brief presentation of the method
  5. Guarantee of quality of method
  6. Extracts of recent interventions


How it can be applied in working environment and business :

Because the ACMOS Method is successful in restoring physical psychological and mental well being. The ACMOS method by being particularly effective at increasing the energy potential of the individual it will allow him to be more performing and cover larger grounds of activities.

The ACMOS method enables an individual to have their energetic balance restored after having been subjected to and unbalanced following being exposure to too many tensions in their work place, within their family and social life, and the environment in which they live. which result in their energetic resources being significantly depleted .

It is a method that is well adapted to help all types of working people from professionals, directors and their managers, sales forces, in fact anyone who is working in difficult environments such as hospitals, doctors nurses therapists and health staff.

From a general point of view all people anxious to maintain a high level of personal performance without having to face the effects of excessive stress, perturbed sleep, digestive problem will clearly benefit from periodically being balanced energetic and having their energies harmonised.

The ACMOS method, enables the maximisation of the potentialities of peoples lives particularly when they are going through a changing or especially challenging phase.

Regaining both physical and mental form and tonus using the ACMOS method, is a particularly powerful means of support to people in a experiencing difficult changes with their careers, where they are perhaps being, retrained, or are being moved to a different job, perhaps having an existing job reorganised.

And what are the results ?
After the restoration of an individuals energetic balance there are the following direct results :

  • Improvement of their physical state :
    1. The diminution of their symptoms, e.g. migraines, stomach pains, insomnia
    2. Improvement of their ability to recuperate
    3. Accelerated improvement in cases physical problem, e.g. a broken leg
  • Improvement of psychological and mental :
    1. Improvement of concentration
    2. Reduction of anxiety and nervousness
    3. Calmness and serenity
    4. Personal tonus and happiness
    5. Accelerated recovery from emotional problems

These points all lead to a feelings of strength and stability in the individual concerned, and enables them to fully maximise their individual capacities in these areas. These beneficial repercussions of a) and b) above, also generate:

  • Improved personal levels of:
    1. Performance
    2. Management abilities
    3. Self control
    4. Decision making


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