Quantacmos The Light Stimulator

Quantacmos Light Stimulator

The QuantAcmos light stimulator emits three distinct light frequencies which have a profound effect on a patient’s energy. The device may be used for a number of applications including: the stimulation and sedation of acupuncture points; reconnecting blocked energy channels; opening energy centers, and much more. Most notably, it can be used instead of needles, electro-acupuncture machines or acupressure to activate acupuncture points.





  • Stimulates Acupuncture energy points. 
  • Activates energy channel of the human body, animal, vegetal and matter which are "disconnected" energetically
  • Reinforces human channel if placed on or near the body (traveling, meetings, sleeping...). 
  • Sedates pain areas when they are scanned with the blue light.
  • Dynamizes weak areas (cold and pale) when scanned with the red light.
  • Can displace pathogenic energy knot in a room by placing the QA in a strategic point identified by the Acmos questioning technique.
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Acmos Natural Products

The Technical and Scientific Research Center SBJ INTERNATIONAL has developed, thanks to the work of René Naccachian, Engineer, Doctor in Energetic Medicine and Molecular Biology, ranges of test apparatus and stimulation of vital energy as well as energy harmonizing products.
He also designed quantum fluids that restore lines of coherence between energy and matter, body and spirit. They are increasingly used in the Acmos Protocol, which regulates the energy dimension, and the overall balance, of being in its body, its nutrition, its medication and in its environment, starting with its habitat.

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