• ACMOS Lecher AntennA

    The Acmos antenna measures all vibratory or energy emissions whether human, animal, vegetal mineral or environmental.


    It can determine the origin of an environmental aggression or a health energy disorder by identifying the type of aggression and locating the exact source of the perturbation.


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  • The Biofeedback Energy Tester “ACMOS7” 

    The “ Acmos7 ”, integrates the latest discoveries in electronics and micro-processors. To give the most accurate readings of the body energy flow. The digital monitor indicates the the degree of blockage in an energy circuit at the outset of the energy balancing session. This reveal the existence of a deep disorder or an unsuspected weakness. The requirement of an Acmos harmony regulator to compensate in cases where a balance disturbing remedy has to be applied for symptomatic reasons.

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  • THE ENERGY Detector/Stimulator “ACmodermil” 

    The Detector/Stimulator Acmodermil is an instrument which compounds high electrical technology to stimulate energy at all the levels of the organism with the simplicity of use. The alternative pulsed square current that it emits according to certain criteria permits to realise, in a few seconds, a much more efficient energetic stimulation and more precise and efficient than acupuncture needles .
    The stimulation attains high vibratory quality. This is due to rigorous choice of components, free of any parasite wave forms which can distort the tonificatioon and sedation operations.

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  • Quantacmos III Light Stimulator

    The QuantAcmos light stimulator emits three distinct light frequencies which have a profound effect on a patient’s energy. The device may be used for a number of applications including: the stimulation and sedation of acupuncture points; reconnecting blocked energy channels; opening energy centers, and much more. Most notably, it can be used instead of needles, electro-acupuncture machines or acupressure to activate acupuncture points.

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  • Acmos Valise

    The ACMOS Valise is the complete test kit used for ACMOS energy balancing. It contains over 100 products which provide a wide range of energetic signatures, each corresponding to various systems throughout the body. These products can be used and reused for many years, to harmonize the patient’s body and neutralize the harmful effects of medications, stresses, or environmental disturbances.

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Join Us For Autumn In Paris !

The ACMOS Method is part of the most advanced and truly 21st century health system. It combines the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurvedic Medicine with the scientific findings of quantum physics and applies it to health for humanity.

The system was developed using a specifically engineered range of measuring instruments, which continue to be used, to rigorously test and verify the effect of energy balancing on the human body.

PARIS in Autumn with ACMOS

You will learn:

The ACMOS concept of energy fields; to understand how their interaction with hereditary and lived experiences results in energy imbalances. You will also learn how to restore balance using the ACMOS protocols.

With ACMOS, your clients will leave your practise with a new understanding of how their body interacts within its surrounding - with people, places and the difficult times in life. This information may guide them to the underlying cause of their symptoms. They will feel empowered: ready, willing and able for dynamic change to take place.

Acmos Seminars

Acmos Method Presentation

ACMOS UK on Youtube

by Carol Robertson


ACMOS UK - Carol Robertson


ACMOS Method trainer Carol Robertson gives a brief guided tour through various aspects of the Method - if you want to know more about training events just to find out more then go to http://www.carolrobertson.co.uk/acmos...

Acmos Method Training Seminars

The global Acmos balance allows the body to recover its innate capacity for self-management, self-repair and self-healing. The Acmos Method, the only one exisitng, relying on quantum resonance principles, is the only technique able to identify the true origin of a health disorder. It allows our body to overcome the limitations of the human being to reach such a depth of information.

In September of 2010 Rene Naccachian became the first non-medical doctor to be presented with a gold medal at the French Senate House by the Societe D’Encouragement au Progress (French Society for the Encouragement of Progress).

“For the importance of your discoveries and their applications in the field of health, the S.E.P. is honored to congratulate you and to award you a gold medal”. (Rene Naccachian Sept 2010 – Medaille d’Or)

The ACMOS Method Empowering People


The ACMOS Method, developed by Rene Naccachian PhD, reveals hidden information held in the body. It uses the principle of resonance to find specific solutions which allow energy blocks to be cleared by applying a truly personalised programme of natural remedies and acupoint stimulation. 

ACMOS respects the wisdom of the energy body to find the hidden causes of malaise - steeped in inherited patterns and emotional experiences - and to find solutions which resonate with health.

More information about training :

  • Carol is an experienced clinician who has been teaching with Dr Naccachian for the past 7 years.
  • Widad has been working with Dr Naccachian and teaching the Acmos Method for over 20 years.

Who follows the ACMOS training course?

The training courses are for all : professionals involved with health, fitness, diet, and related matters but also those who are searching to better understand and learn about the circulation of their vital/chi energy or that of those close to them.

Note : it is not necessary to possess particular medical knowledge to attend the ACMOS Courses and training.


Yin / Yang Energy by Acmos

Our health is the result of a balance between two opposing forces that clash in all manifestations of nature, Yin and Yang: The energy that goes from the outside to the inside - information that the Chinese call energy YIN - corresponding to our RESOURCES The energy that goes from the inside to the outside - information that the Chinese call the energy YANG - corresponding to our MANAGEMENT Yin and Yang are never fixed. On the contrary, there is a dynamism between them: Complementarity dynamics (eg male / female) Alternation dynamics (eg day / night) Dynamism of transformation (the excess of yang is transformed into Yin, the excess of yin is transformed into Yang) Read more

Acmos Energy Balance

Work in progress Read more

Why using an ACMOS Lecher Antenna

The ACMOS Antenna is the privileged instrument of the method . It is an extremely precise, practical and revolutionary scientific instrument! This instrument has the ability to measure the energy released by the human body at its different levels and can determine the origin of a health problem. It can also detect pathogenic emissions in the environment.   Read more

Consulter l'historique

SBJ International is a Scientific & Research Center working on Bioenergetics, Created by René Naccachian since 1985, former creator of the Acmos Method of Global Energy Balance.

SBJ INTERNATIONAL is developing its activities in the the following areas :

  • Research and Development of the ACMOS Method
  • Consultations and Acmos Energy balance
  • Seminars in Bioenergetic and Naturopathy ACMOS
  • Establishment of ACMOS Centres in several locations all around the world
  • Development and diffusion of new products and ACMOS instruments

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