Acmos Testing Valise

The ACMOS Valise is the complete test kit used for ACMOS energy balancing. It contains over 100 products which provide a wide range of energetic signatures, each corresponding to various systems throughout the body. These products can be used and reused for many years, to harmonize the patient’s body and neutralize the harmful effects of medications, stresses, or environmental disturbances.

Key Features

The ACMOS Valise offers the following benefits:

  • Ability to quickly identify interference fields that are causing harm to the patient
  • Remedies containing the precise frequency needed to mitigate harmful fields and restore harmonization
  • Precises therapeutic substances such as essential oils, minerals, and trace elements for dynamization


Energetic medicine restores the vitality of the organs, the functions and the regions of the organism. The research and development works of René Naccachian, engineer and doctor in energetic medicine and in molecular energy have aided in the success of creating the Acmos method in the framework of the technical and scientific Research Center SBJ international.
This method permits the restores of the body’s harmonies at the different organization levels and reinsures its essential qualities to be able to allow itself better auto-management.


The ACMOS TEST CASE is a marvelous tool to identify and restore the missing links or harmonies in the organism. By simple exposition of the subject to the different harmonies ranges of Acmos natural products. It is the energy body itself which will indicate its lack by the techniques of vibration resonance of the ACMOS Lecher Antenna. Their restoration is achieved by the Acmos techniques of Acmodynamisation, harmonization or reinforcement.

A scanning with the Acmos Lecher Antenna (or by other methods of energetic detection) is realized on the complete range of harmonies at every level of body and mind. (see chart below).

The subject holds the mass attached to the antenna to have perfect personalization of their selection.

As soon as the body is exposed to a vibration harmony which it lacks on any level of its constitution, a resonance is felt by the practitioner holding the Acmos antenna.

The Acmos protocol for Global Energetic Balance implies : the identification and restoration first of the deepest harmonic disorders displayed in the Acmos Case and, then, the analysis of the compatibility and the synergy to reintegrate the identified harmonies and raise any excesses or inhibitions of the body at its various levels of organization.

What's Included :
The Acmos Test and regulation Case contains the 5 instruments of test and stimulation and the 13 ranges of harmonies of the human being at its different levels of organization :

  1. Hereditary (24 essential oils)
  2. Mineral structure (7 minerals)
  3. Indication of disorders of : blood, hepatic, infections (3 indicators)
  4. Disorder of the glands (12 trace elements)
  5. Over infection indicators (available only for Acmos Centers) (9 VAF)
  6. Hormonal quality (45 Acmos homeopathies)
  7. Conscious or unconscious tensions of the psyche (45 Acmos homeopathies)
  8. The antidotes and reinforcing compensators (45 Acmos homeopathies)
  9. Seasonal tensions + complexs (5 seasonal herbs + 2 complexs)
  10. Symptomatic tensions (40 Acmos herbs)
  11. Elimination enhancers (20 Acmos color filters)
  12. AcmoGram (Protection against environmental pollution) & AcmoSmog (Protection against ElectroSmog)


The Acmos case presents the range in trays which are easy to test to be able to identify the harmony missing at each level in the depth of the organism.

To allow the personal identification of the Acmos Color filters, a special tray includes a lighted screen (220W 60hertz) can be added to the Acmos case. This allows immediate research and regulation of certain tensions missing in the body due to elimination or environmental aggressions.





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