The quantity of electrical and electronic devices continues to increase in private and professional life. Energy blockages, which are caused mainly by computers (whatever their format: tower, laptop, server environment), constitute health risks to which we must pay the greatest attention.

However, it is practically impossible not to be exposed for several hours a day to the electromagnetic pollution of these devices, directly or indirectly, they emit electromagnetic fields from radio frequency waves. Processors are extraordinary sources of pollution, the frequencies of which are currently counted in gigahertz.

Pollutant fields generated by waves from all kinds of phones and computers as well as other devices emitting electromagnetic waves are, for example, particularly dangerous for pregnant women and children during their growth period.



Quantum fluids strengthen the body against attacks from computers and many electronic devices.



A new or original experiment result often places an area of ​​research at the forefront of scientific interest. This is the case in physics with ACMOS quantum fluids, developed by the Technical and Scientific Research Center SBJ International.

ACMOSAO quantum fluids are substances whose macroscopic behavior manifests purely quantum effects, making it possible to directly study certain properties of the microscopic universe of atomic particles. As quantum fluid, superfluid helium and superconductors were already known. Superconductivity is the property, which certain metals and alloys have, at very low temperature, of letting the electric current (fluid of electrons) flow practically without resistance and without the appearance of the Joule effect (the heating of the conductor and the loss of energy).

Fluids are bodies of macroscopic size, a complex of essential oils and micro elements, called ACMOSAO, whose behavior can only be explained by quantum mechanics. By simple periodic agitation, they make it possible to maintain their dynamic quality (spin) which strengthens the cosmo-telluric channel.

One of the applications of ACMOSAO is the resuscitation of vibratory dynamics of any living being parasitized by the emissions of electromagnetic waves from computers, cathode ray tubes, televisions, electronic devices and other cellular systems.

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