Energy Detector / Stimulator "Acmodermil"

Availability  : Mid September / October 2019


Acmos Acmodermil 2Acmodermil II  is the new bioenergy point detector & stimulator that utilizes high-tech circuitry to stimulate energy along entire meridian lines. The stimulation provides an extremely high vibratory quality, free of any negative waveforms which can otherwise distort the tonification and sedation operations. Above all, it allows practitioners a precise and efficient way to stimulate points and meridians without having to turn to needles.

The stimulation attains high vibratory quality. This is due to rigorous choice of components, free of any parasite wave forms which can distort the tonificatioon and sedation operations.

The Acmodermil although being very light is very resistant and has high performance. It is covered with a metallic covering paint rendering it electrically conductible and permitting self-stimulation without holding the metal mass.
A stimulating stylus connected by a cordon to the stimulation unit allows great precision in the detection of the acupuncture points and their stimulation with efficacy in a matter of seconds. Its technology allows it to efficiently stimulate the acupuncture points and the auricular-therapy points of the rear variator on the notch at level 3 /4, due to:

  • Special calibration of the spring of specific stimulation point
  • The possibility of varying the frequency with the wheel scale (8)as per « Nogier » methodology.

A metal mass (10) with its cordon attached to the socket (4) isolating the subject from the practionners energy field in view to protect both parties. The user does not need to connect the metal mass to stimulate ones own energy points because of the metallic conductible coating.


Key Features :

The following key features all set the Acmodermil apart from other electric acupuncture stimulation devices:

  • Extremely high quality and specific frequency emission to ensure the delivery of only beneficial therapeutic pulse waves
  • Ability to both stimulate and detect precise acupuncture points
  • Auditory feedback let’s you know when a point is reached
  • Adjustable amplitude lets you customize the strength of treatment for each patient
  • Plus/Minus selection for activation/sedation


What's Included :

The following are included when you purchase the Acmodermil energy stimulator:

  • Amodermil main unit
  • x2 lead transmission lines
  • Metallic hand held bio-energy conductor
  • Acupuncture point detector/stimulator pen
  • Hard plastic case



    The sensitivity is first of all regulated with the wheel of sensibility ) : For the principle circuit points, the habitual regulation for normal skin is situated on the level of the notch : graduation :(5).
    For the detection of personal defence points or ASHI, the sensibility is augmented .According to the humidity or dryness of the skin the sensibility is regulated from 1 to 10.
    To detect the energy points to be stimulated, it is sufficient to trace over the area , without pushing the point of the stimulator on the region of the point You will observe that as you approach the point :
    - The pilot light will dim in intensity then go out.
    - The sound will become sharper according to the proximity of the point.
    - The most highly pitched sound will identify the exact position of the required point. This is due to the least electrical resistance on the level of the acupuncture points compared to the regions in proximity.
    Before stimulating the point by putting on the stimulation switch, the type of current or polarity :
    Positive current (+) TONIFICATION : restoring the cosmic polarity or the dynamising the regional energy. It is to be done in cases of lack of energy, indicated by:
    - Cold region, pale and lacking yang energy.
    - Chronical pains, long standing deafness, due to cold or humidity.
    - Lack of tonus, slackening of muscles, formation of matter, etc.

    Negative current (-) SEDATION: restoring the internal polarity or the sedation capacity of the energy. Used when excess energy shown on the Acmos7 Energy Tester     and manifested by :
   - Hot regions, red or indicating dermatosis.
   - Sharp pains with spasms, inflammations,
   - Contractions, cramps, etc.

   Intermediate position, corresponds to the emission of the alternative current, when energy stimulation is not needed. The stimulation triggers an electrotherapy effect      without establishing any precise polarity. When it consists of simple stimulation by electro-therapy not acupunctural
   - In order to stimulate ear points in auricular therapy, a specific reactivation of the ear points et pre-determined frequencies as per the Nogier methodology.

    The current intensity is controlled with the scale wheel, regulated at the beginning of the session:
    Either at the (medium) level represented by the notch level 7/8. Or by the high level of 10, which can make a lively reaction in cases of sedation of a congested area.
    As soon as there is a strong sensation, you should reduce the intensity till it is perfectly tolerable.
    It has been remarked that usually, tonification reacts less lively than sedation and the more blocked the point the more lively the reaction.
    Certain very sensitive points are stimulated, without even usung the stimulation button, the blockage is too live ; You simply lower the intensity towards the graduation « 1 » of the wheel scale « 7 » till the stimulation is perfectly tolerable . You can even not press the stimulation button and the extremely low current will be sufficient to stimulate the point.
    It is used to put in phase the stimulation when the stimulating pen is lightly off from the « notch » position. Otherwise, the frequency of the current ranges from 0 to 150 Hertz and is used in the Nogier Auriculotherapy (ear energy points stimulation). It is regulated with the scale wheel of Frequency. To stimulate the energy acupuncture points put the scale wheel at the « notch » position.
    Minimal stimulation starts as soon as the point is localised with the tip ot the stimulation pen confirmed by the extinction of the of the pilot light and sharper sound emission from the sound box. By applying on the stimulation switch, the intensity displayed of 1 to 10 on the scale wheel is emitted and the pilot light re-lights. The reaction of a blocked point is as lively as the intensity is heightened ; It is sufficient to lower the intensity towards the graduation « 1 » till perfect toleration.
    The sound box emits a sound more or less sharp as soon as you approach the acupuncture point.
    The highest pitched sound is heard when the stylus is exactly on the point to be stimulated. The extinction of the pilot light announces the proximity of the point; the sound box indicates its exact placement at the highest pitch. As soon as you push on the stimulation switch, the pilot light re-lights again.


Masse Cylindrique Acmos

Empty Weight :


Weight with accessories :


Length x Width x Height :   

17 x 4,5 x 2,5 cm 


9V  6LR61  Block  


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