Deep Energy Stimulator “Acmodermil”

ACMODERMIL II Detector / Stimulator

The ACMODERMIL II detector-stimulator is the brand new ACMOS energy stimulation instrument. It combines: high electronic technology, ease of use and ergonomics. An optical and sound signal makes it possible to control with extreme precision the placement of the stylus-probe, by which the energetic stimulation of the acupuncture points is carried out, in toning and in dispersion.

In view of the results obtained by Doctor André LEBARBIER, in a hospital environment as well as in an office, "ACMODERMIL allows better precision in the localization of points and greater stimulation than that obtained by only needles concerning the usual acupuncture treatments". In many clinical cases observed "the stimulator brings a significant time saving, of the order of 50%, in the recovery of patients and an undeniable benefit". We only cite here as an example, the case of "an eczema attack that had dragged on for six months in a child, stopped dead in 48 hours, with not only disappearance of the eczema, but also of superinfected dermatitis. streptococci and staphylococci, as is usual. "

In addition to the considerable progress obtained in terms of health, ACMODERMIL brings undeniable comfort to patients who do not always readily accept the insertion of needles.


The ACMODERMIL II detector-stimulator emits, through its stylus-probe, a square pulsed alternating current, according to specific criteria, allowing precise and effective stimulation in a few seconds. The vibratory quality of this device is optimal, thanks in particular to the careful choice of components, to the control of the effects of shape waves, to the purity of the output signals, whether they are energizing or calming, to reach the different types of energies. .


  • Sound and optical detection of acupuncture points
  • Stimulation in toning and dispersing all types of energy
  • Speed of treatment and total patient comfort
  • Control of frequency, intensity and sensitivity
  • Dimensions: 17cm (L) x 4cm (W) x 2.5cm (H)
  • Total weight (with mass, stylus, cords): 330 grams
  • Power supply: 9 V battery
  • Sliding battery hatch
  • Conductive board for self-stimulation
  • Ergonomic case

The Acmodermil Detector / Stimulator
is intended exclusively for doctors and acupuncturists

Référence selectionnée : A002

690,00 € TTC     

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