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Complexes & Seasonnals

Acmos Seasonals: AcmoBois (Wood) - AcmoFeu (Fire) - AcmoTerre (Earth) - AcmoMétal (Metal) - AcmoEau (Water)

Acmos Seasonals are composed of powdered plants packaged in vegetable capsules. The plants concerned grow at specific seasons and are harvested according to the ancestral principles of the Five Elements Act of the Chinese tradition.

Three major applications:

  1. Setting the time of an "offset" organ
    When an organ is no longer in solar time, it expresses itself through one of the five Acmos seasonals. The seasonal is identified by the Acmos Method to reset the concerned organ. The disorder of time is centripetal, if it is a deep organ or centrifugal, if it is a surface organ.
  2. The rooting of a being far from his country or region of origin
    Everyone needs to reconnect with plants to their home soil to avoid energy imbalances that can create physical and mental disorders. This lack is clearly expressed in the context of Acmos techniques
  3. The balance of a traveler subject to "jet-lag"
    A weak organ may be at risk when traveling through time zones. For a few nights you have to restore the sleep cycle by taking a seasonal Acmos. This is a much easier way for the body than the absorption of melatonin.

Acmos Complexes: YIN - YANG

These are Yin or Yang "enhancers" that restore the body's ability to self-manage. They are composed of powdered plants of Yin or Yang nature packaged in vegetable capsules. They can restore states of excess or lack of the body that the usual food does not satisfy




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