Dear customers, the Acmos team continues to send your orders, but we inform you that the deadlines on the site do not take into account the traffic restrictions linked to the coronavirus epidemic.

Essential Oils

Acmos Essential Oils have a vibratory quality of the highest level measured with the Lecher Antenna at 17.6 and even 1.1 ucta! The major applications are:

  • Control of hereditary weaknesses (application by Acmodynamization at the precise targetted location of the body)
  • Harmonization by applying precisely a finger to the place of the body by anointing to restore the level of energy reserves and optimize the faculties of self-management of the body.
  • Determine if a pollution or aggression is virtual, due to a confusion of the brain
  • Place the identified oil among 24 units on the body in the case of environmental pollution.
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