Peppered Mint (Essential Oil)

Peppered Mint Essential Oil

  • Latin name : Mentha pipérata
  • Family : Labiate
  • Origin : France, England, America, Europe
  • Extraction : By steam distillation of the leaves and flowering ends
  • Composition : Menthol, menthone, carvone, cinéol, thymol, pinène, menthène, limonène
  • 2,5 ml glass bottle

Mint is the best known of the aromatic plants and the most efficient. Its name comes from the Latin « mentha » which means « the thought » because it stimulates the brain. Mint has a winged oil, tannin, vitamin A.

Migraine, distress, weariness. It helps for the healing of ulcers, stimulates appetite, relieves insomnia and dyspepsia and tonifies the nerves. It is expectorant ( relieves the mucuous membrane). It is used for dental neuralgia, painful menses.

Référence selectionnée : C050

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