The raw materials of vegetable origin which are used in the manufacture of Acmos products are cultivated following the method of bio-dynamic agriculture. The Acmos Method uses extracts from the kingdoms of nature: vegetals and minerals, constituting, with metals, the backbone of this therapy. In the case of plants, for example, the SBJ Research Center obtains its supplies from several specialist producers of medicinal plants, plants which are actually planted, cultivated and harvested according to ancestral principles, that is to say picked at certain special moments of the year or season.

Only the plants and minerals that respond to predefined energy levels and  that can hold the potentiation according to the Acmos principles are retained. That is how the harmonic ranges of essential oils, phyto, complexes and homeopathy are composed. Each range corresponds to a level of physical and mental structure of the man and covers all the harmonic demands to this level.

In the nomenclature of Acmos natural products, besides vegetable and homeopathic substances, there are therefore ranges of minerals but also trace elements, chromatic filters and quantum fluids. These can restore communication between the brain and centripetal energy regions, or symptomatic centrifugal.

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