Colour Filters

The 3 Applications of Acmos color filters:

  1. The Acmos range of 20 color filters strengthens the energy centers and the personal elimination system, diminished by the lack of a color. This color is, according to Acmos techniques, projected in the left hand of a right-handed (or vice-versa) under a white light (a flashlight for example) to boost the elimination system that lacks the harmony of the given color.
  2. The elimination of energy leaks is identified by a color which will be projected in the hand until compensation of that leak, until it will no longer be noticeable by Acmos measuring devices .
  3. The body's defense against environmental aggressions, whether they are geobiological or environmental. In this case too, a centripetal or centrifugal energy leak is sought on the body and after regular projection of the "cleaning" color the leak is repaired.
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