SBJ International, the Acmos scientific research center has developed methods based on the latest technical advances to analyze and regulate energy.

  1. The Acmos Lecher Antenna : measures the balance of organic energy at its various levels. It can accurately and efficiently determine the origin of a health problem by locating the organ or area where an energy blockage is originating.
  2. The “Acmos7” Biofeedback Energy Testing Unit integrates the latest discoveries in electronics and microprocessors to give the most accurate bioenergetic readings. The digital monitor allows practitioners to measure the degree of blockage in an energy circuit via ting points in the hands and feet, monitor improvement in overall (global) energy, and quantify the degree to which any medication is compatible or incompatible with the patient.
  3. The Detector / Stimulator Acmodermil is a bioenergy point detector & stimulator that utilizes high-tech circuitry to stimulate energy along entire meridian lines. The stimulation provides an extremely high vibratory quality, free of any negative waveforms which can otherwise distort the tonification and sedation operations. Above all, it allows practitioners a precise and efficient way to stimulate points and meridians without having to turn to needles.
  4. The QuantAcmos Light Stimulator emits three distinct light frequencies which have a profound effect on a patient’s energy. The device may be used for a number of applications including: the stimulation and sedation of acupuncture points; reconnecting blocked energy channels; opening energy centers, and much more. Most notably, it can be used instead of needles, electro-acupuncture machines or acupressure to activate acupuncture points.
  5. The ACMOS Valise is the complete test kit used for ACMOS energy balancing. It contains over 100 products which provide a wide range of energetic signatures, each corresponding to various systems throughout the body. These products can be used and reused for many years, to harmonize the patient’s body and neutralize the harmful effects of medications, stresses, or environmental disturbances.
  6. The AcmoSmog EMF Protection for Cell Phones and Laptops./ The ACMOsmog electrosmog protection system is a complete new and effective way to personalize the neutralization of harmful radiation and frequencies from electronic devices.

Appareils de test et de mesures ACMOS

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