Quantacmos III

QuantACMOS III Light Stimulator



René Naccachian, engineer, Ph.D. in Molecular biology, doctor in sciences and medical doctor in energetic medicine, developed the QUANTACMOS light stimulator, a device which is capable to reactivate blocked acupuncture points which no longer perform their function of revitalization. It can also reactivate the channel of energy blocked objects or space. Its principle is to restore the dynamizing (cosmic) and sedating (telluric) polarities by emitting a particular green or red light rays or a combination of the two corresponding to the white ray vibration of the cosmotelluric wave lengths, thus reconnecting what in human, in matter or in space cannot be activated without the external connecting assistance generated by the QUANTACMOS device.

The QuantAcmos device was developed by the Technical & Scientific Research Center of SBJ INTERNATIONAL (France). It is based on the principles of quantum physics of the double nature of light which is on one hand a wave emitted in space and on the other hand a concentrated particle on a point which by absorbing it animates itself.
The unit of light or photon is an elementary particle, which is at the same time a corpuscle and a quantum of energy, which flux constitutes electromagnetic radiation. Photons carry the information on the environment from which they have been emitted and that they have crossed. The photon is a quantum object, a vehicle of the electromagnetic interaction.
Corpuscular and ondulatory, the principle of the quantum mechanics which seems a paradox is a reality which has been perfectly demonstrated by the works of Max Planck (Quantum theory) and of Niels Bohr. In this way the quantum energy given off by the device QUANTACMOS is an action on reactions of electromagnetic waves and fields applied on the living organism in order to help it to reach its stable balanced condition. This takes in account the whole chain of the innate and the acquired of its biological nature and also of the living daily problems encountered at internal and external levels of the organism.

QuantAcmos Light Stimulator Principle :

The QuantAcmos light stimulator emits three distinct light frequencies which have a profound effect on a patient’s energy. The device may be used for a number of applications including: the stimulation and sedation of acupuncture points; reconnecting blocked energy channels; opening energy centers, and much more. Most notably, it can be used instead of needles, electro-acupuncture machines or acupressure to activate acupuncture points.

Key Features :

The following are all features unique to the QuantACMOS Light Stimulator:

  • Specific frequency “red” light to stimulate points and related bodily functions
  • Specific frequency “green” light to sedate points and related bodily reactions
  • Synergistic frequency “white” light to restore energy flow to applied points
  • Specially designed metallic exterior provides EMF protection to it’s user
  • Ability to transmit beneficial frequencies to foods or medications to be ingested

QuantACMOS III Ligth stimulator

What's Included :

  • QuantACMOS Light Stimulator Device
  • Protective Leather Case


It is not necessary to apply large quantities of energy to restore coherence in the organism, but it is done by simply emitting slight radiation of energy and induced magnetic fields that are not felt by the body on a sensory level (not heat, no pain). It is a low signal, which contains the precise type of information that is required and absorbed by the body to restore its functioning capacities at the acupuncture point, considered as control lever.

The quantum stimulation has only an effect at the information level of the cell, of the living tissue and of the whole organism. The types of photon emissions of the QUANTACMOS are of a specific ondulatory level allow activating the cosmic polarity (red wave) and the internal polarity (green wave) of the blocked energy point. This will also re-establish its dynamic function of organizing the physical and the psychic levels of the living organisms.

The emitted energy is ultra-hertzian of the order of an electronvolt or of millivolts and which action to re-establish the function of the energy point is immediate and can be seen in several ways:

  • Verifying the energetic point activated by the Acmos Lecher Antenna,
  • Measuring the restoration of the organic or metabolic energy by the Acmos Testing Unit,
  • Testing the Chinese pulses,
  • Comparative analysis with Kirlian photo
  • Biological and medical analysis,
  • Various energetic and medical analysis of the organ or function in disorder,
  • Etc.


The primal cell possesses all the information of the living organisms. The case of the Scottish ewe Dolly demonstrates the extraordinary resources of the body towards auto-organization. This is the result of the information stored in a large data bank, which succeeded to create a human being from a focus and to clone a whole ewe from a single cell. Moreover, not only the volume of this genetic information is prodigious but also the level of storage, of transmission or of restitution of the information is perfectly organized, this information being innate or acquired.
The research developed in quantum physics demonstrates that the genetic inheritance is not only preserved as a biochemical substance of the gene, but also in a structured field or quantum structure in the form of a hologram. (Sven Ortoli & Jean-Pierre Pharabod in “The canticle of quantum” – Edition : La Découverte). In fact, the hologram not only includes organic parts but also energetic fields and in each of its parts he possesses the information of the whole. Therefore the cell has in itself all the information of the whole organism and every imbalance can be reflected in the energetic fields around the body. They represent its energetic centripetal coherence of vital energy and energetic centrifuge coherence of organization and, at last, its physical and mental dimension (Acmos Method).
To create and sustain a hologram in quantum physics one needs an emitting source of coherent light. Russian scientists (Gourvitch, Lubtichev, and Beglimichev Gariaev) have succeeded to prove that certain molecules as DNA are functioning like a source of coherent light. The principle of QUANTACMOS is to provide to the organism, at the precise area where there is no coherence, the missing light beams in order to restore its vitality dynamic.


QUANTACMOS can perform two types of stimulation:

  • The sedating stimulation with the green light can reduce exacerbation of a heated area, red colored accompanied usually with spasms or pain. This is done by applying pressure on the (-) button indicated by the green triangle.
  • The dynamizing stimulation with the red light which reactivates the vibratory circulation in weak areas with slow energy flow and also in areas presenting formation of matter. This is done by applying pressure on the (+) button indicated by the red triangle.
  • The channel activator is the white ray which restores the channel of man, space, animal, vegetal and any objects which have disconnected their ccosmotelluric channel.

In professional usage, the practitioner scans the energy point or circuit or area presenting the disorder with one or the other or both light beams during 15 to 25 seconds in order to reactivate the energy flow. In private use, a list of points supplied by the therapist are stimulated regularly to maintain their energy function and reinforce the natural defense system. By scanning with the white light the body along its vertical central line, the cosmotelluric channel is immediately reactivated. The same is done in a polluted space.


Molecular biology has widely demonstrated the intelligence of the organism to self-regulation in the face of every interior or exterior aggression.

If the capacity of the organism can no longer deal with all the energy requirements inside (functions, viral, organic weaknesses, etc.) and outside the body (pollution, environment, ecological, etc.), then energy supply priorities are decided upon by the energetic body. Acupuncture command points of organs, functions or areas that absorb too much energy (where disorder resides) are disactivated in order to respond to the emergencies. When the alert is off, the organism should restore normality unless it is unable to find the way to activate certain points. The QUANTACMOS light beams assist the organism to activate such points and restore normal energy circulation.
The vibratory definition of the light beams emitted by the device QUANTACMOS respond exactly to the bi-polarity vibratory definition of the energy points. When a polarity is missing at an energy point, the simple exposition of the point to the corresponding vibratory polarity beam will activate its dynamic function.


According to the principle of energetic medicine the practitioner can identify the weak or unstable acupuncture command points that should be regularly activated in order to keep up their energetic function of vitalization and of elimination of cellular waste. These points are often located on the forearms or on the legs.

A chart with the exact location of the energetic points and their activating periodicity can be acquired. Full explanation on the use of the QUANTACMOS light beams to either sedate when using the green light or dynamize when using the red light, is given to the person needing regular stimulation of his weak points. 

The QUANTACMOS restores with the white beam the channel of man, animal, vegetal mineral and any object which has “disconnected” from the cosmic or the earth energies. It strengthens the body when traveling or to resist better to sea, mountain and air sickness or various types of fragilities due to energy channel weakness.


Of a fountain pen size, the QUANTACMOS is supplied with a case that can be easily put in a pocket or in a bag. Standard photographic batteries ensure normal usage of the device in energy points stimulation therapies.



  • Stimulates Acupuncture energy points. The green light sedates and the red light dynamizes. Both mixed lights activate the point channel.
  • Activates energy channel of the human body by pressing both lights and scanning the middle line on the front from over the head to the pelvis.
  • Activates energy channels of animal, vegetal and matter which are "disconnected" energetically
  • Reinforces human channel if placed on or near the body (traveling, meetings, sleeping...). After scanning as instructed above the QA will maintain energy with the lights off.
  • Sedates pain areas when they are scanned with the green light.
  • Dynamizes weak areas (cold and pale) when scanned with the red light.
  • Can displace pathogenic energy knot in a room by placing the QA in a strategic point identified by the Acmos questioning technique.


Empty weight:


Length x Width x Height :   

15 x 1,5 x 1,5 cm 


3,6V   LR6


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