Biofeedback Energy Testing Unit " Acmos7 "

The “Acmos7” integrates the latest discoveries in electronics and microprocessors to give the most accurate bioenergetic readings. The digital monitor allows practitioners to measure the degree of blockage in an energy circuit via ting points in the hands and feet, monitor improvement in overall (global) energy, and quantify the degree to which any medication is compatible or incompatible with the patient.



The following features make the ACMOS 7 Biofeedback unit highly unique for quantitative assessment of energy fields and flow:

  • Ability to measure the synergy of centripetal + centrifugal energy
  • Enables you to quantify the function of each organ or major system via ting points
  • Quantifies the negative or positive patient reactions in the presence of any medication
  • Provides baseline readings for before/after balancing therapy comparison


What's Included :

The ACMOS 7 Biofeedback unit includes the following:

  • Biofeedback unit body with LCD screen
  • Red & Black lead transmission lines
  • Detachable metal grips
  • Acu-pen for precise meridian measurements via the ting points
  • Hard plastic case



A micro-current is passed between two electrodes which the patient holds, one in each hand. This registers a reading of the body’s overall (global) electrical potential. While the patient continues to hold the electrode attached to the black lead with one hand, the practitioner applies the point of the probe attached to a red lead to each of the « Ting » points on the fingers and toes. A « Ting » point can be found close to the angle of the nail just under the skin and corresponds with an organ and function.

By following this procedure, a full energy diagnosis is carried out by establishing the degrees of excess or deficiency in each of the organic and metabolic circuits. The practitioner, having scientifically assessed the patient’s energy status, can then proceed to specific, personalised treatment by means of stimulation, medical or other.

The Acmos Method is geared to the unique energy potential of each patient. It has no pre-determined values. Internal and external energy parameters are taken into account seasonal, earth (geopathic), environmental, professional, personal and social stresses. The ACMOS practitioner is not permitted to interfere with the body’s own innate wisdom. In its great intelligence it adapts and distributes its energy in accordance with its survival requirements at any given time, addressing its unique genetic and chronic stresses and disorders.

Accumulated stresses can cause the body to deactivate energy points and circuits to such a degree that it is unable to make its own electrical and energetic re-connection.

Using the ACMOS energy evaluation measurements, it is possible to identify the appropriate points for re-connection and those which should be left disconnected, that is, those which the body in its innate wisdom is blocking in order to manage its global stresses.

Furthermore, it is possible with the « Acmos7 » to evaluate the energy value of medication on each organic circuit by placing in the tube-electrode, held in one hand by the patient, whilst applying the probe to the « Ting » points and comparing the organ circuit reading with the global reading. In this way it is possible to determine which will re-establish the level reading and regulate the corresponding organ. Vitamin, mineral  and nutrient requirements can be assessed by applying the above mentioned procedure.

At the follow-up session, the « Ting » points relating to energetically disturbed organs are probed to determine improvement in their energy reading following the intervening application of the ACMOS stimulation, harmonies and regulators or remedies. Any remaining imbalances are regulated using the same procedure as before.

The « Acmos7 », integrates the latest discoveries in electronics and micro-processors to give the most accurate readings of the body energy flow. The digital monitor indicates the following :

  • The degree of blockage in an energy circuit at the outset of the energy balancing session.
  • At subsequent sessions, the improvement in overall (global) energy and circuit energy readings, indicating the value and quality of therapy.
  • The existence of a deep disorder or an unsuspected weakness. Early detection can obviate the need for heavy duty drugs.
  • The compatibility and incompatibility analysis of medication and contra-indications.
  • The appropriate choice of prescription to restore the energy balance of the body.
  • The requirement of an Acmos harmony regulator to compensate in cases where a balance disturbing remedy has to be applied for symptomatic reasons.

Green : Acceptable if accords with global reading.
Amber Left : Instability towards energy depletion.
Amber Right : Instability towards energy excess.
Red Left : Energy insufficiency.
Red Right : Energy excess.

The further the reading is to the left (Red), the greater deficit in the circuit and related function or organ.
The further the reading is to the right (Red), the greater the energy excess in the circuit or related function or organ.
An amber reading, whether to the left or right, indicates the body’s struggle to maintain its energy balance which is either in insufficiency or in excess.
This degree of instability can be readily rectified by means of the ACMOS Method of stimulation, harmonisation, and analysis of compatibility, dosage, frequency and duration.


Empty weight :


Weight with accessories :


Lenght x width x height :   

19,5 x 10 x 4,5 cm 


9V  6LR61  Block


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