Consistent ranges of carefully selected ACMOS natural products of high vibratory quality have been developed to promote a return to energy balance. They constitute the different trays of the ACMOS test case (see our section "ACMOS devices"), a real "fuse box" of the human organism:

  • Essential oils, to identify and regulate the deepest disturbances, as well as to strengthen the body against certain environmental aggressions
  • Minerals, to strengthen and lock the control of hereditary weaknesses
  • Trace elements, to identify and regulate endocrine disruption and promote better regional management of the body
  • Quantum fluids, to detect and regulate blood and infection disorders, and restore communication between the brain and "lost" areas of the body
  • Homeopathies, to identify and regulate psychic, hormonal or general problems
  • Seasonal complex, to restore the regional seasonal and nutritional balance, as well as to "put back to the time" an organ shifted in time
  • Plants (phytotherapy), to identify and regulate symptomatic problems of surface and nutritional deficit.
  • Colored filters (chromotherapy), to strengthen the immune defenses


The ACMOS range of regulators are designed to resonate at a high vibratory level, necessary to be effective in the context of the ACMOS method.

These scales help to restore the energy harmonies of the body and to meet its deep needs, at the level of the physical plane and the psychic plane. They are used as vibratory impulses addressed to the body where they are lacking.

This approach is satisfying and rewarding for the doctor or health practitioner, who can actually "dissect" his patient and understand the psychosomatic and / or physio-pathological mechanisms that led him to enter a pathological process. Its evolution towards a state of global balance and well-being, can be closely followed and confirmed by biological analyzes and medical imaging.


Acmos Harmonic Products

The Acmos Method uses extracts from the kingdoms of nature: vegetal and mineral, the latter constituting, with metals, the backbone of this therapy. In the case of plants, for example, the SBJ Research Center obtains its supplies from several specialist producers of medicinal plants, plants which are actually planted, cultivated and harvested according to ancestral principles, that is to say picked at certain special moments of the year, season or day.

Only those plants and minerals that respond to predefined energy levels and whose substance can hold the potentiation according to the Acmos principles are retained. Thus are composed harmonic ranges of essential oils, phyto, complexes and homeopathy Acmos. Each range corresponds to a level of physical and mental structure of the man and covers all the harmonic demands of this level.

The Acmos Method establishes, as formerly the medicine of Paracelsus, on certain correspondences which are established between the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Harmonization by natural products Acmos is based on analogies or correspondences between certain types of preparations and their harmonic effect on the human organism. Acmos essential oils regulate the control of heredity, minerals constitute a whole structure that locks this hereditary control, seasonal complexes regulate the chronobiological shifts of organs, Acmos homeopathy, governs a wide range of regulation. ranging from the hormonal and the psychic, conscious and unconscious, to strengthening the body in the face of drug, nutritional, allergic attacks ... in order to limit the side effects.

In the nomenclature of Acmos natural products, besides vegetable and homeopathic substances, there are therefore ranges of minerals but also trace elements, chromatic filters and quantum fluids. These can restore communication between the brain and centripetal energy regions or symptomatic centrifugal.

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