ACMOS homeopathies are intended to restore the connections of the brain, as part of the ACMOS protocol. They act like all other homeopathies used in medicine, but they have the ability to keep their energy qualities constant, thanks to their high vibration level.

Only one answer in the three Acmos ranges of Homeopathy can manifest itself during the Acmos session at the "homeopathy" level of the protocol. It is mainly at the level of the brain that the connection is to be restored.

However, it is possible that at the level of the drug or nutritional aggressions another general homeopathy is requested but, in this case, Acmodynamization is in another sphere of activity and can not be crossed with the homeopathy of the main protocol.


The three Acmos ranges of homeopathy are:


1) Mental Homeopathy, subdivided into 3 categories, regulating:

a. The subconscious from conception to puberty 30 CH (15 harmonies)
b. The unconscious from puberty to maturity 15 CH (15 harmonies)
c. The active conscious coming out or returning 9 CH (15 harmonies)

2) Hormonal Homeopathy (45 harmonies)

The shift of one or the other, or both energy fields, is on the paradoxical side. If the problem has not been solved at the beginning of the protocol, Hormonal Homeopathy allows you to reset the clocks on time cyclically. This concerns both men and women. The longevity of men could depend on this periodic reorganization.

Sometimes, even if there is a shift on the normal side and a request for Hormonal Homeopathy, the displayed offset represents only a part of the imbalance because it is only an arithmetic sum of a double shift on each side . In the concept Acmos "Hormonal" means that the brain is responsible for the endocrine disorder.

3) General Homeopathy (45 harmonies)

Acmos General Homeopathy is a range called "Compensators". Their main action is to allow chemistry, the active component of drugs, and all nutrients, to reach directly its target by avoiding to pass through the blood by triggering side effects.


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