Citronella (Essential Oil)

Citronella Essential Oil

  • Latin name  :Cymbopogon Nardus
  • Family : Graminaceae
  • Origin : Tropical regions
  • Obtainment : By steam distillation of flowers
  • Component : Citronellal, geraniol, citral, eugenol, terpenes
  • 2,5 ml glass bottle

Originating in Sri Lanka, the leaves of the citronella are enormous, vivacious, wild herbs. They yield a yellow brown or yellow green essence with an aromatic lemon smell which is not pleasant, reminiscent of harpic

Not widely used as a therapy, citronella is present in many deodorants, antiseptics and insecticides (an efficient fly killer). It gives relief when rubbed into rheumatism. Current research would appear to give it properties capable of relieving diabetes but nothing is yet proved.

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