Basil (Essential Oil)

Basil Essential Oil

  • Components : Linalol, estragol, cinéol
  • Latin name : Ocymum Basilicum
  • Family : Labiates
  • Origin : Mediterranean regions
  • Obtainment : By steam distillation of leaves and flowering ends
  • 2,5 ml glass bottle

The Greek name for basil means rapid, because of its rapid growth rate. Believing that basil protected the soul both in life and death, Indians used it in religious ceremonies. The aromatic smoke of basil was offered to the gods in Egypt while basil essence, mixed with myrrh and incense was used in embalming.

The therapeutic value of basil is somewhat controverted because there are many varieties of the plant. In general, it is a diuretic and a tonic for nerves and stomach. It helps in painful periods, dyspepsia and insomnia due to migraine. It is an antidote to insect stings and swellings of the mouth and throat.

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