Savory (Essential Oil)

Savory Essential Oil

  • Latin name : Satureia Hortensis
  • Family : Labiate
  • Origin : Mediterranean basin
  • Extraction : By steam distillation of the fresh plant and flowering ends.
  • Composition : Carvacrol, cymène, pinène, cinéol, thymol
  • 2,5 ml glass bottle

The Greeks considered savory as a powerful aphrodisiac and Virgil praised its properties. In the 17 and 18th century in France, it was reputed for stimulating sexual appetite and was supposed to favour or normalise menses and to strenghten stomach. The word « savory » comes from the latin satura, « the stew herb ».

Savory is a general and cardiac tonic. It has a fast and efficient effect on digestion and avoids intestinal distentions . It is also used for intellectual and sexual asthenia, painful digestion, intestinal parasites, intestinal spasm, distentions, diarrhoea, some impotencies.

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