Ylang Ylang (Essential Oil)

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

  • Latin name : Cananga Odorata
  • Family : Arenaceae
  • Origin : Madagascar, Malaysia, India
  • Extraction : By steam distillation à la vapeur d'eau des fleurs fraîches
  • Composition : Linalol, benzoate et acétate de linalyle, géraniol, pinène, eugénol
  • 2,5 ml glass bottle

The tree known as the perfume tree is also found in Seychelles and Thiti. The oil is pale yellow and gives off a delicate perfume. At one time cananga flowers used to be mixed with cocoa oil as a hair care product and also as a treatment for insect bites and infections.

The pure essence is indicated for Malaria. It is an antiseptic, an aphrodisiac and a tonic for the nervous system. It combats hair loss, split ends, broken finger nails, wounds in atonal skin, intestinal infections and tachycardia.

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