Juniper (Essential Oil)

Juniper Essential Oil

  • Latin name : Juniperus Communis
  • Family : Conifers
  • Origin : Europe
  • Obtainment : By steam distillation of the berries
  • Component : Borneol, pinene, cadinene, camphene, terpineol
  • 2,5 ml glass bottle

The berries, just like the leaves of the juniper have an aromatic odour. In olden times they were burned at religious ceremonies in order to purify the air and protect from the plague.

The juniper is a tonic, a stomachic, diuretic and purifies the blood. It eliminates uric acid and microbial toxins. It combats respiratory diseases, obesity, cellulitis, stones, parasites eczema, atonal wounds, arthritis, rheumatism, colibacillosis, urinary infections.

Référence selectionnée : C046

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