Sage (Essential Oil)

Sage Essential Oil

  • Latin name : Salvia Officinalis
  • Family : Labiate
  • Origin : Mediterranean basin
  • Extraction : By steam distillation of the leaves and flowering ends
  • Composition : Bornéol, cinéol, pinène, thuyone, salvène
  • 2,5 ml glass bottle

In the Antiquity, sage was considered as a sacred plant. Its name comes from the latin « salvere », « to save », and it seems to be benefic to women who had difficulties to have babies. It was also used against plague. .

Originating in Eastern Mediterranea, sage then got acclimatized in the whole Mediterranean region. Its essence exhales a strong smell. Sage possesses hormonal components that make especially « vegetal oestrogen ». Sage is used against febril diseases, mental strain and physical overworking, and also for painful menses or sudden flushes ( menopause). Sage is also known to favour and regulate menstration. It can be used for the treatment of rheumatism, nose discharge, bleedings and excessive perspiration. It is recommended to convalescents..

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