Lemon (Essential Oil)

Lemon Essential Oil

  • Latin name : Citrus Limonum
  • Family : Rutaceae
  • Origin : Mediterranean regions
  • Obtainment : By cold pressing of the zest of the fruit
  • Component : Pinene, limonene, linalol, linalyl acetate
  • 2,5 ml glass bottle

Originally found in India and now cultivated in Europe and California. A tree bears 1500 fruits and one needs about 3000 fruits to make a kg of essence. It is one of the most important essential oils to have in the home pharmacy.

The lemon is rich in vitamin C. It relieves insect stings by reducing inflammation; it relieves chilblains; it has antiseptic properties and used internally can treat coughs and colds. Lemon purifies the blood and stimulates the circulation (cellulitis, damaged skins, venous problems or rheumatism)

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