Patchouli (Essential Oil)

Patchouli Essential Oil

  • Latin name : Pogostemon Patchouli
  • Family : Labiates
  • Origin : Malaysia, Indonesia, the west Indies, Madagascar
  • Obtainment : By steam distillation of leaves and flowering tips
  • Component : Patchoulene, guaïne, norpatchoulene, patchoulol, patchouli camphor, eugeniol, carvone
  • 2,5 ml glass bottle

The essence of patchouli is extracted from the dried branches of a plant found originally in Malaysia and the Seychelles. The essential oil, brown and viscous has a strong persistent smell. It is sometimes used as a fixer in perfumes.

It is a good antiseptic recommended for all sots of infections. It eases inflammations and burns and it is used in the treatment of skins problems such as seborrhoea, acne, inflammatory dermatosis and allergic reactions.

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