Frontiers in Energy Medicine Vol.1: Unlock the Enigma of Energy Healing

What is energy healing? And what is the role of basic physics in the mind, body, spirit connection?

For thousands of years, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and other ancient practises, have used the body’s own energy to promote healing. These ancient systems use different words - ‘Qi’, 'Prana' or 'Reiki' - however they are all talking about the vital life force, the energy which illuminates our cells, and which can be optimised to promote healing.

Frontiers in Energy Medicine takes us back in time, to the breakthroughs in science which enabled communication across distance, and demonstrates how these principles still apply to the alignment of mind, body and spirit. It provides the vocabulary to allow energy in health to be discussed in an objective way, observing health as the ability to manage the body efficiently, and to enhance wellbeing in the face of life's challenges.

This book makes energetic health accessible to everyone. It introduces the reader to the historical and practical significance of the Lecher Antenna, and explains how this simple and effective tool unlocks the mysteries of our connection with the natural forces of vitality - literally placing our health in our hands.

Carol Robertson is a health professional with solid grounding in structural and functional anatomy, and a highly respected international teacher of the ACMOS Method. Using a very down to earth approach she allows everyone, from beginner to advanced practitioner, to leave with new skills, and a different view of the energetics which underpin life here on Earth.

This book is designed to be kept and to used as a reference guide.

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