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Why using an ACMOS Lecher Antenna

The ACMOS Antenna is the privileged instrument of the method. It is an extremely precise, practical and revolutionary scientific instrument!

This instrument has the ability to measure the energy released by the human body at its different levels and can determine the origin of a health problem. It can also detect pathogenic emissions in the environment.


Antenne Lecher Acmos

The latest ACMOS Lecher Antenna has several features making it the ideal instrument for measuring body-field imbalances and for analyzing the animal, plant, mineral and all objects with energy inside, on and around the human body and can influence your physical and mental health.

All materials emit vibrations. For example: your body, the parts of your home, the jewels you wear, and of course your laptop. There is an energetic radiation emitted by the diet, the medication, the jewels and by any matter.

The energy balance of the human body is verified by measuring the electromagnetic wave fields that surround the body with the Lecher Antenna. The presence of vibrations and their quality levels is determined by this tool.

Lecher ACMOS Antenna has a very high vibratory quality allowing the reactivation of vibratory disorders. It can check vibratory tensions of objects and can yield positive vibrations.

With the ACMOS Lecher Antenna you will be able to transform and improve the energy quality of your environment!


You will now have the opportunity to:

  • Measure and rebalance your energy centers and assess the quality of your balance
  • Measure and rebalance the energy of your place of residence to live in a healthy place
  • Measure the vibratory quality of your food to finally distinguish real organic food from fake
  • Measure the objects you wear to increase your vibratory quality or that of your place of residence or work
  • Develop your feelings and extra-sensory abilities to better listen to your body
  • Practice the ACMOS method and its many applications to rebalance and live in better health
  • Practice other energy practices that use Lecher Antenna such as geobiology
  • Etc ...

Of course, like any revolutionary and innovative tool, you will need regular practice to successfully integrate its operation and be able to correctly feel the energy vibrations.

For this specific activity, patience, practice, experience and the development of your feelings will be your allies.

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