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With great research in the fields of biophysics, molecular biology, bio-energetics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and engineering, a precise medical solution was devised to combat the harmful effects of cell phone radiation and EMF pollution – one that is personalized to each patient. The ACMOsmog electrosmog protection system  was developed by ACMOS SBJ International Research Center in Paris, France over several years of testing as a way to personalize the neutralization of harmful radiation and frequencies from electronic devices.

High-frequency fields permeating the human body from electronic devices can produce real and virtual perceived stressors. Thus, the energy balance of an organ, gland or subsystem can be disturbed. The problem arises because the received frequency no longer corresponds to the perceived frequency and the immune system reacts by protecting existing blockages in the form of symptoms. The immune system is constantly under pressure and is undermined.

Through meridian measurements via a Acmos7 Biofeedback Test Unit, a practitioner may detect energy blockages within the biosystem or interconnecting biosystems. The ACMOsmog system utilizes 24 variations of small patches, each with various natural elements for the vibrational frequencies of the cell molecules to bring them into the right symmetry. The natural elements developed by ACMOsmog (including specially prepared essential oils), produce a response that aims to regulate blockages in the meridians. Each rugged holographic patch is 1.5 inches in diameter, has a very low profile (1mm), and contains adhesive that allows simple placement on any device. The ACMOsmog patches are not permanent, may be removed and provide natural EMF protection for one year. Each patch comes with a hole-punch notification of when replacement is necessary, to remind the patient.

The correct ACMOsmog patch is selected from the 24 different natural formulations contained within the patch and matched to the patient and the particular electronic device via kinesiology (muscle testing) or bioresonance testing. The system is an invaluable tool for practitioners looking to truly optimize a patient’s health and minimize negative impact of cell phone’s, tablet’s, and laptop’s electrosmog.

A Personalized Solution for Cell Phones

2G… 3G… 4G… faster processors cause stronger frequencies. As the frequencies increase in amplitude, so do their impact on the human body (the recently released iPhone 6 nearly exceeded legal radiation limits). Any solution attempting to mitigate the deleterious impact must address the following facts:

  • Each mobile phone, tablet, or laptop has its own processor engineering, therefore the radiation has different degrees of power within each model.
  • Each human reacts differently to a high frequency load.

With the ACMOsmog path (EMF protection for cell phone), a practitioner may determine by digital measurement of the Meridians, which organ becomes weaker, while the patient holds the mobile phone in their hand. Values before and afterwards may be measured for validation to the patient. In addition, the degrees and whether cell regeneration is taking place within the Meridian may be documented.

Through muscle testing / kinesiology / bioresonance testing, a practitioner then may select one of twenty-four ACMOsmog EMF protecting patches. Afterwards a natural element is attached on to the back of a unit to neutralize the electromagnetic pollution impacting the particular patient’s body.

A Personalized Solution for Tablets and Laptops

ACMOsmog laptopEnergy blockages in the body may also caused by tablets and laptops, which have become extremely popular and affordable in recent times. The tissue, cells and organs of the human body communicate through chemical messengers, but also by electrical signals. It can therefore be assumed that the electromagnetic vegetative and central nervous system, hormones, chromosomes, and cells are affected by excessive stress and in the long term can lead to various diseases by electromagnetic pollution.

Well known biological medicine advocate and physician, Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, states that the electrosmog from laptop keyboards alone may have a negative effect on our hands, recommending an external keyboard. But for those seeking protection that is comprehensive and tailored to them, the ACMOsmog system is an excellent solution.

With ACMOsmog electrosmog protection patches, a practitioner can neutralize the frequencies that emanate from iPads, tablets and laptops or any device with a natural element personalized to the patient for 12 months.

Purchasing, Training and Education

Practitioners interested in providing ACMOsmog personalized EMF protection to their patients may do so by first attending an ACMOS Training Seminar, where you will be directed in the precise clinical application of selecting the proper ACMOsmog patch that is compatible with the patient. Those who have training and understanding of the technique to personalize ACMOsmog protection may purchase the system through the Acmos Shop - prices and ordering may be made by contacting us at 33-1-4526 0357


After several years of research Acmos has developed a product concept against the Electrosmog. From this discovery, 24 natural elements were developed, to identify the higher spurious electrosmog frequency on the blocked meridians and re-activate them with the correct matching channel.

With ACMOsmog concept the Bio-Experts and Energeticians are able to measure electronically parasitic oscillations on the meridian points and harmonize them afterwards within 10 minutes.

Electromagnetic pollution is equated with stress, which burdens the body and directly affects the psyche. Excessive stress disrupts the energy balance of an organ, gland or subsystem. The immune system is constantly under pressure and it becomes weaker.

Protection against the following chronic diseases:

  • Headaches, migraines
  • chronic fatigue
  • insomnia
  • nervousness
  • concentration deficiency
  • Allergies of all kinds
  • Disruption of cell regeneration

The frequencies radiating from the cell phones, pads and laptops, can be individually measured on each person through meridian readings while the person is holding the respective unit. The frequency load can be harmonized with a natural element. The missing frequency line on the body is matched and can be corrected for up to 12 months. Thereafter, a further measurement is necessary.



2G… 3G… 4G… faster processors cause stronger frequencies. Each humans reacts differently to the daily increase of the high frequency range! 

The natural elements developed by ACMOsmog, can help regulate the blockages in the Meridians. The correct ACMOsmog patch is selected from 24 different natural elements and matched to the person and the device.



ACMOsmog provides maximum protection with the TOWER MODEL against Electrosmog (electromagnetic pollution). Depending on the persons needs within a one meter radius. For open working areas, it's advisable to use two or three towers in order to ensure optimal protection within 2-3m radius.


The TOWER MODELS are available as desk or wall models in four different colors. The wall models are supplied with a 3M Dual Ziplock system, so they can be mounted almost anywhere


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