I have been followed by René Naccachian for many years. I appreciate the precision of his approach and the way he answers all my questions, giving as many explanations as possible about his work in the balance sheet.

The coherence and the evidence of the ACMOS method have confirmed to me the intuition already well inscribed in me that the human being knows how to live and heal, provided that we get rid of what prevents it: personal, cultural, transgenerational inheritances that thwart this absolute knowledge of the unconscious contained and delivered by energy when questioned.

I have a great confidence in this method that allows me to maintain my physical and mental health, because in terms of energy, there is no separation between psyche and soma ...

I can clearly see now when I need a bioenergetic balance sheet, and that's very reassuring. This gives me great confidence in the intelligence of Life.

As a psychotherapist, this approach seems to me valuable and comes very well complement some psychotherapeutic approaches.
I have in my family entourage several people who have gone through very serious health tests, (cancer, cardiovascular surgery) and who have been helped by R. Naccachian's collaborators trained by him. This method has been able to make care and treatment more effective by reducing side effects.

I greet the creative meeting of traditional Chinese medicine and the recent advances in modern physics that are enriching within the ACMOS method, thanks to R. Naccachian who has accomplished a work of conjugation of these two approaches, and who knew find and give the means to put it into practice, to make it accessible and comprehensible to those who consult it.

 S. 65 years


Mid-July a friend goes up on the operating table for a laparoscopy at the level of the liver.

When he wakes up, he notices a 20 cm scar with many stitches in place of the two small holes provided. He comes to see me on July 21 to restore his fields because he makes regular checkups with me. impressive, I propose to help himself! I lend him a quantacmos and a chromo 10 to accelerate the healing .. It will be done every day and several times in the day the chromo 10 in the left palm and on the scar as well as quantacmos scans on his scar as often that he wanted until a clear improvement. On September 2nd he brings me back my "tools" and raises his t-shirt. I do not believe my eyes!: There is more than a "wrinkle" whose skin is perfectly and completely reformed and that in 6 weeks.

Thank you Acmos.

Fabienne Clauzet. Mont de Marsan (Landes 40) - Bioenergeticist - Geobiologist


Following a neurological accident in May 2009, an evaluation in August showed a deficit of more than 2/3 of my cognitive abilities. I made little progress until December 2009 despite my efforts.

It is from the first session (concentration with resumption of reading) in January 2010 and more significantly after the second session in March 2010 that I could feel a better recovery (faculty of memorization) thanks to bioenergy. Moreover, a new evaluation at the hospital in April 2010 reported this progress objectively.

An additional session in May 2010 strengthened me considerably. I was then able to recover the necessary capacity and especially the energy of reorganization of my life, with serenity, almost in the wake.

With my sincere gratitude, for your work of analysis and effective energy balance. 

Mrs C.


I have been a person with spasmophilia for over 8 years. This disease causes me anxiety and extreme panic attacks but it also has certain physical consequences such as bellyaches that have become unbearable, fatigue and pain that move everywhere.

Since I made my first energetic assessment, my anxiety attacks have calmed down considerably, I live much better than before and I intend to continue on this path with the precious help of Fabienne. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism. 

Mr V.


Following four failures of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), I decided to do a" physical and mental preparation "to put the odds on my side and succeed the 5th and final attempt. Fabienne then made me do two energy balances, balance sheets during which some deficiencies were detected and filled. This assessment also revealed the presence of a geobiological disturbance under my bed .... We then moved our bed to no longer be subject to this influence.

The 5th attempt worked and I am now 3 months pregnant. All this, I am sure, helped me to have this baby. Thank you. 

Mrs T.


Fabienne came to my home for a geobiology. Indeed for several years I had problems falling asleep, anxiety and awakenings in the night obviously causing permanent fatigue in the long term. She helped me orient my bed. Thanks to her and the first night, I sleep a peaceful and restful sleep. Thank you Fabienne for your help and your skill. 

Mrs M.


For years and years, I spent my time falling from my 1m72 for a nothing, a pebble ... a grain of sand. Fabienne and her antenna found that I was connected to the sky and that against: I did not have the feet on the ground ... !!! In one session, Fabienne anchored me on earth and since then I have forgotten my falls, except my knees which have kept pretty scars, from before. Thanks to my friend forever.


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