Acmos Method Major Features

From the very first consultation, the ACMOS Method seeks to enable the human body to regain lost control of its energetic circuits and to re-establish their natural harmonies and reactivate the bodies extraordinary abilities of self healing. It achieves this by following a rigorous protocol that is supported by continuous scientific measurement.. The measurements are undertaken using precise equipment that is the result of considerable research and development. . Many doctors and specialists from around the world have over time assisted with these works..

The ACMOS Method can also assist with the verification of the compatibility of the dosage of medicines taken This provides a valuable aid to medical practitioners, by not only helping them to diagnose their patients condition, but to enable them to both precise and personalise the individuals treatment.

The ACMOS Method works by reading the particular energetic signals of an individual’s body, and thus provides a pattern of information, that is unique to that individual These signals and the resulting symptoms may be the similar in different persons, but they are the result of different causes which may often be buried deeply within the individual. This may differ from one individual to another according to where they live or work, their hereditary ‘blueprint’, what happened during their mother’s pregnancy, or as a result of different physical and mental aggressions that have occurred during their life

An illness through the manifestation of its symptoms reflect an energetic imbalance that is deeply rooted within the body. The surface symptoms visible at the surface of the body, ought be seen as warnings indications of the imbalance of energy within. There must not be complacent about the surface indicators of an illness and try to cure it using superficial or symptomatic treatment. The main objective of the ACMOS Method is the way it involves the use of a deep searches within the body for the cause of illnesses. These include seeking factors which may be of a hereditary origin that might be the source of an individuals sufferings. These external symptoms by their nature only release superficial tensions of the illness, and not the deep seated cause. By achieving an overall energetic global balance through the chain of causes and this results in relief to the individual together a solution to the problem that is both successful and long lasting is established

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