Quantum Resonance

A new paradigm of medicine is approaching

We cannot refute the undeniable existence and importance of quantum physics, but for some reason the medical field has been slow to embrace the revolutionary and important discoveries that directly impact health.

For over 100 years Quantum physics has detailed the energetic aspects of all matter. Albert Einstein famously came up with his equation E=MC² which describes matter and energy as two sides of the same coin. Extensive research into the field of bioenergy has revealed that all cells in living organisms communicate with each other and have the ability to store and emit particles of light called biophotons (named by the German biophysicist, Fritz A.Popp, of the University of Kaiserlautern). Many other researchers in the last century including Prof. H. Frolich (Nobel Prize), Prof. Lund, Dr. Pilla, Dr. D. Gabor (Nobel Prize), Prof. I. Prigogine (Nobel Prize) declared that life cells emit electromagnetic fields. Then why have these Nobel Prize winning findings been ignored by the medical field? Let us look at those that have embraced these discoveries and applied them in a medical sense.

Bioenergy can be described as any method of treatment that addresses the energetic aspects of biological organisms. Biological organisms give off and absorb energy at various vibratory frequencies and qualities.  The Hermetic Laws have proven this as a universal truth. This energetic aspect of biological organisms is the most important aspect of health and yet is almost entirely ignored by mainstream allopathic medicine and science. For thousands of years Eastern cultures and societies (most prominently Chinese and Indian) have used the truth that our bodies are composed of energetic systems radiating at various vibratory frequencies to heal and bring about total health in people. Acupuncture, Ayurvedic, Rekii, and other well known Eastern healing modalities are based upon the functions and workings of the body’s biological energy pathways.

The energy healing modalities of the East that have been around for thousands of years, now have legitimate scientific justification and support in the form of Quantum physics. More modern energetic modalities such as those introduced by European Complementary Medicine include Voll, Vega, Mora, Biocom and others. In the USA, kinesiology testing by Drs. Goodhard, Williams and Klinghardt, the O-Ring method by Omura, Bioresonance Analysis of Health by Dr. Szulc, and computerized techniques (eg. QXCI, Zyto, etc.) were successfully introduced to energy medicine holistic/alternative practices. Despite these advances, orthodox medicine has still failed to embrace the concept of energy in biological organisms and ignores its vital importance to health and healing.

Bioenergy’s popularity is increasing, and with good reason. Why not embrace the truth that our cells vibrate, and can give off important information as to how to best heal ourselves? Some of the greatest minds of all time spent their lives to prove this, and now that their results have proven what centuries of other cultures have always believed in, we shouldn’t overlook the importance of bioenergy in healing and wellness.


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