Scientific Measurements


The ACMOS Method relies upon the measurement and analysis of different fields of electro-magnetic energy and circuits within the human body. These measurements give precise information of the cells within the body which constitute the body in three dimensions: physical, emotional and psychological. It enables the identification of different levels within the body, their perturbations corresponding to simple energetic disorders or where they have already formed lesions.

Measuring the electro-magnetic fields

The Method ACMOS is interested the measurement of three energetic fields: the  "vibratory " field, the "centripetal" field, and the "centrifugal" field. The measurement of these fields is carried out, using the ACMOS Lecher Antenna, developed by René Naccachian.

Instruments enables the quality of the vibratory energy of the body to be tested, together with all types of products used and taken by the body and to investigate the effects of aggressions that are of  geobiological, ecological or ambient origins

The measurement and the stimulation of the energetic circuits

The second stage has the objective of measuring the energetic potential of each organic circuit and of the body’s metabolism. This evaluation enables the identification of possible energetic blockages that require to be removed. This frees the circulation of energy to the body’s organs, which are not receiving their necessary optimum nutritional elements and are consequentially degenerating. This is measured in a very precise manner using the ACMOS 7 Biofeedback Tester.

This also enables the immediate consequence of taking a medication or supplement on an organ to be measured and to see its energetic effect.

The Acmodermil Stimulator enables by vibratory resonance to be achieved by the use of the acupuncture points of the body, but without the need to penetrate the skin or the fear of contamination. It clears the blockage identified by the tester and then regulates the circulation of energy that has been perturbed according to the programme defined necessary by the ACMOS Bioenergetician.



The personal and global balance of an individual is measured with great precision. Each individual is unique and when symptoms of an illness appear, they are the result of that individuals hereditary predisposition. That is the result of suffering physical or psychological shocks, that have not been cleared and removed, or properly regulated within the body. It is highly important during an ACMOS energetic balance to precisely consider causal factors attributable to an individuals illness.


An energetic balance undertaken periodically according to the needs of the individual serves as a form of preventative maintenance that reveals energetic imbalances, and thus allows for the correction of disturbances within the body’s energy fields before they develop into symptomatic illness. By strengthening the body energetically, the body is better able to both face and cope with the diverse aggression with which it is faced. It can enable the early detection of the presence of a dysfunction that may well be invisible to traditional specialist imaging equipment, thus allowing a much less invasive and traumatic treatment.


The logical range of natural ACMOS products, has been carefully selected and developed. They have been incorporated to form the contents of the ACMOS Valise a veritable box of fuses for the human body. These regulators (essential oils, minerals, trace elements, homeopathic and herbal remedies …) enable the re-establishment of the body’s energetic harmonies. They can respond to particularly profound disharmonies existing within the body at the physical and psychological levels. They are used by being placed precisely at the point on the body where their energetic vibratory quality is required, or where exists an energetic fault.

Chromo-therapy (using coloured filters) is also used to ensure the elimination of toxins and dead cells


The ACMOS Method indicates with precision the compatibility and the dosage of necessarily prescribed medicines. When a medical treatment is being followed, it is essential for the person concerned, to be balanced energetically, in order that the ill organ or disturbed function within the body, does not oppose its medicines and treatment. By re-establishing the lines of energetic harmony, this reinforces the body’s natural defence and immune systems and optimises immediately the treatment that is being received. The major benefit of this potentialising lies in the resulting reduction of the dosage and the period of time for taking any prescribed necessary medications.

Analysing compatibility …

Compatibility analysis is very important. This enables the vibratory quality of a product to be measured, and to check its compatibility with the person taking it, but who may also be required to take it simultaneously with other products. This compatibility is verified and checked at all the deep levels within the body This permits if the occasion requires, for compensation to be made for the negative effects of a product that needs to be taken as a requirement of an advanced pathological condition est. This compensation is effected by the use of natural regulators from the ACMOS Valise. These are regulators enable the reinforcement of the in order to enable the medication to be precisely dosed. This then offers the opportunity of considering a reduced dosage, and minimise the risk of consequential aggressions and minimise the medications secondary effects.



The ACMOS protocol rigorously measures the energetic equilibrium upon which the ACMOS Method is based. The method is used by a considerable number of health practitioners and related specialists. It is also used by specialists working with the environments and the habitats of where people both live and work, managing on a regular periodic basis the stresses that affect those environments. However, non of these treatments can be effective and durable, if the human body is suddenly or for prolonged periods suffering exposure without treatment, to systematic aggressions.

The ACMOS Method achieves at the first energetic balance, an identification of the possible type of aggression. These are treated using remedies identified and developed by the ACMOS research centre, which are then precisely placed where the treatment by the remedy is required, similarly for aggressions that are of a geobiological origin (Hartmann lines, underground water,…) or ambient origin such as radiation emitted by computers, or micro-wave ovens, or televisions etc..

Long Lasting Results

Where as other common means of energy balancing, such as color therapy and acupuncture require ongoing treatments, an ACMOS Method energy healing treatment has long lasting therapeutic results. One ACMOS energy balancing session effectively finds and neutralizes interference fields that would ordinarily affect patients on an ongoing basis. For this reason, a single treatment can last over 6 months or more.

Quick & Precise, Non-Invasive Therapy

ACMOS is a highly systematic method that leaves nothing up to guesswork. Each patient is checked, measured, and scientifically calibrated so that both patient and practitioner are certain that energy pathways have been properly restored. Furthermore, this protocol often takes no more than 15 minutes to perform and patients begin feeling results almost immediately.

Scientifically Based and Clinically Verified

The science of measuring energy fields is supported by mounding research from SBJ in Paris as well as highly credible institutions around the world: The Max Planck Institute and Stanford University Medical Center to name a few. Through rigorous testing and analysis, ACMOS energy healing demonstrates its results and a way that is clearly defined, measurable with instrumentation, and felt by the patients right away.

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