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ACMOS Student Kit Option "KAP"

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Only for ACMOS students

- Preparation and packaging results in a delivery time of between 3 and 5 days -
(to be taken into account when choosing the delivery method)

Kit content :

  • ACMOS Poster

Poster ACMOS









ACMOS Lecher Antenna :

  • ACMOS Lecher Antenna *
  • Folding chrome arms
  • Transport Pouch
  • Mass
  • Green wire

* Option with or without Lecher antenna in the pack available at the bottom of the page.


Acmos7 Biofeedback Testing Unit :

  • 1 Testing Stylus
  •  2 Cylindrical nickelplated masses
  • 1 Red & 1 black wires
  • Case
  • 9 V Battery
  • Documentation


Quantacmos Light Stimulator :

  • Quantacmos
  •  Leather case
  • Lithium Battery
  • Documentation


Kit ACMOS Products "KAP":

The Learning kit ACMOS alos known as Kit ACMOS Products (KAP), can permit you to engage in the process of bioenergetics and to have a selection of ACMOS products. The Bio-energetic healer will be able to realize energy balances effective enough to restore disorder experienced by the subject.

The kit ACMOS Products consists in 8 ranges of main harmonies identified as essential to deepen your knowledges in the practice of ACMOS Method to establish a sufficient balance en waiting to have the Analysis, Test and Harmonisation ACMOS Valise.


  1. Full range of 24 Acmos Essential Oils for heredity and anteriority control.
  2. Full range of 7 Acmos Minerals to consolidate this control and answer to weight deficiencies.
  3. Full range of 3 Acmos Indicators of blood disorders, infections, neurologic disorders and mood.
  4. Full range of 4 Trace Elements pour l’équilibre for endocrine glands balance.
  5. A selection of Countervailing (32 General Homeopathies) to enhance the energy against a destabilizing medication.
  6. A selection of 15 Mental and 11 Hormonal Homeopathies.
  7. Full range of 5 Acmos Seasonals.
  8. Set of 2 Complexes Yin & Yang
  9. Full range of 20 Acmos Chromo filters.

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