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Copie de ACMOS Student Kit Option "VATHA"

This "complementary kit" is intended for ACMOS bioenergeticians who already have the KAP (Kit ACMOS Products) and who wish to complete it in order to have the equivalent of the complete ACMOS VATHA Valise.

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Only for ACMOS students

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Kit content :


ACMOS Valise "VATHA" content :

Complementary products KAP <-> VATHA

This product will allow you to upgrade the Acmos Products Kit (KAP), to the complete Acmos Valise (VATHA) with all ranges of products selected by ACMOS, as well as trays and foams components of the suitcase.


Complementary ranges of ACMOS harmonies

  1. Endocrine disorders (7 Trace-Elements)
  2. Hormonal disconnection in the brain (13 homeopathies)
  3. Unconscious & Conscious Psychic (30 Homeopathy)
  4. The antidotes, anti-drug poisoning and allergies (34 Homeopathy)
  5. Acmos phytotherapy : Nutritional general deficiency (40 herbs)


ACMOS Valise

  1. 4 standards trays with foams for Herbs, homeopathies, Trace elements, Essential Oils, Minerals, complexes and seasonals.
  2. 1 light tray for Acmos chromotherapy (colour filters)
  3. 1“Instruments” Tray  Empty with forma to store your Acmos test and measure instruments.
  4. 1 "cover" tray


The delivery time of the ACMOS Valise is  from 3 to 7 days, depending on products and instruments availability  and preparation and assembly time of the valise.

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