Green Tea

Acmos Phytotherapy Green Tea

Content : 44 Capsules

Net Weight :  14,3 g

Latin Name : Camellia sinensis / Théa lineusis

Composition : Green Tea 250 mg
(for 1 capsule)

Used part : Leave

Capsule of plant origin

Action :

In phytotherapy the leaves and buds of Green Tea can be used for :

Slimming diets, the leaves have a lipolysis activity. The caffeine content promotes draining of the fat outside the adipose tissue (fatty cells), by enzymatic stimulation: the triglycerides that are stored are then mobilised as free soluble fatty acids and are easily eliminated by the body. The polyphenol content in green tea permits a progressive liberation of the caffeine, avoiding sleep and nervous problems, and can also decrease the assimilation of food carbohydrates and lipids, so it limits calorie intake. Increases thermogenesis.

Référence selectionnée : C107

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