KAP - Kit Acmos Products (+ Mass without Isolant 30 euros)

- Preparation and packaging results in a delivery time of between 3 and 5 days -
(to be taken into account when choosing the delivery method)

Analyse and Harmonisation ACMOS Valise (VATHA) is essential to identify missing harmonies and restore the balance energy.

The KIT ACMOS PRODUCTS (KAP), can cheaply permit you to engage in the process of bioenergetics and to have a selection of ACMOS products.
The Bio-energetic healer will be able to realize energy balances effective enough to restore disorder experienced by the subject.

The Kit Acmos Products consists in 8 ranges of main harmonies identified as essential to deepen your knowledges in the practice of ACMOS Method to establish a sufficient balance en waiting to have the Analysis, Test and Harmonisation ACMOS Valise.


  1. Full range of 24 Acmos Essential Oils for heredity and anteriority control.
  2. Full range of 7 Acmos Minerals to consolidate this control and answer to weight deficiencies.
  3. Full range of 3 Acmos Indicators of blood disorders, infections, neurologic disorders and mood.
  4. Full range of 4 Trace Elements pour l’équilibre for endocrine glands balance.
  5. A selection of Countervailing (32 General Homeopathies) to enhance the energy against a destabilizing medication.
  6. A selection of 15 Mental and 11 Hormonal Homeopathies.
  7. Full range of 5 Acmos Seasonals.
  8. Set of 2 Complexes Ying & Yang
  9. Full range of 20 Acmos Chromo filters.

For international orders, it is important to note that, in accordance with the laws specific to each country, taxes will be added to your order which we invoice excluding tax.

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