Acmos Mineral Magnesium

Content : 20 capsules

This is the “big chief” of all the trace elements. Everybody needs a regular intake of magnesium. Its lack is almost universal and modern farming methods together with bad dietary habits have not improved the situation. Magnesium is indispensable for the overall functioning of the body. The body holds about 30 g of magnesium and 99% of this is in the cells, together with potassium. Magnesium is therefore involved in the balance between extra cellular sodium and intracellular potassium. Lack of balance at this level would possibly lead to spasmophilia. Magnesium helps cellular respiration and muscle relaxation. It promotes improved usage of vitamin B6, helps relaxation of the nervous system and could raise our threshold of resistance to stress. It reinforces the immune system by stimulating the phagocytosis. It therefore increases our resistance to infectious diseases such as influenza. It may have a favourable effect on the skin in cases of acne and eczema and on the hair in cases of baldness.

Ingredients :

Average composition for 1 capsule :


Maltrodextrin : 201,38 mg
Dicalcium Phosphate : 70.00 mg
Heavy Magnesium Oxide :    84.62 mg
Magnesium Stearate : 4.00 mg
White vegetable capsule : 75 mg
Magnesium / 3 capsules : 150.00 mg

Référence selectionnée : C114

10,00 € TTC     

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