Acmos Phytotherapy Meadowsweet

Content : 44 capsules

Net Weight :  13,9 g

Latin Name : Spiraea / Filipendula Ulmaria

Composition : Meadowsweet 1 440 mg
(for 6 capsules)

Used part : Plant

Capsule of plant origin

Actions :

Aromatic, astringent, diuretic, and sub-tonic. It is a valuable medicine in diarrhoea, imparting to the bowels some degree of nourishment, as well as of astringency. It is also considered of some service as a corrector of the stomach, and not without some power as an alterative, and is frequently used in affections of the blood. It is a good remedy in strangury, dropsy, etc., and almost a specific in children's diarrhoea.

Référence selectionnée : C102

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