Polarity rods

Polarity rods "geobiology expertise" for Acmos Lecher Antenna

Supplied in pair: one positive rod and one negative rod.

The polarity rods are only suitable for the Acmos Lecher Antenna.

A threaded, slightly curved rod allows the rod to be properly held in the body of the antenna arm.


Polarity rods must be used separately.

  • The red rod is used to limit the impact of harmful measurements in geobiology, it makes it possible to carry out measurements of the positive component of the phenomenon you are looking for.
  • The blue rod is used, in some cases, when measuring certain phenomena in the home which will only respond negatively and not positively.

You can place a rod either in the right arm or in the left arm of the antenna.

Under no circumstances should you place the two rods in the arms of the antenna.

Référence selectionnée : F004

35,00 € TTC     

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