Acmos Mineral Selenium

Content : 20 capsules

It was little known up to a few years ago. Researchers are now showing increased interest as it may transpire that lack of selenium is associated with cancer. Metastases, characteristic of cancer sufferers, seem to develop more easily when the level of selenium is low. Further study has shown that populations who ate vegetables grown on soils poor in selenium had a higher incidence of cancer than those whose vegetables were grown on clayey soils, rich in selenium. Selenium also detoxifies. It either inhibits or destroys lead, tungsten, mercury, cadmium, arsenic – all poisonous heavy metals when present to excess in the body. The average 70kg person contains +/- 15mg mainly concentrated at the level of the myocardium.


Components :

Composition for 1 capsule :

Maltodextrin :   258.00 mg
Dicalcium phosphate :   87.60 mg
Selenium Yeast 1000 PPM : 50.00 mg
Magnesium Stearate : 4.00 mg
Vegetable white capsule : 75,00 mg
Selenium / capsule : 50 µg

Référence selectionnée : C116

10,00 € TTC     

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