How does ACMOS energy balancing therapy work?
Each cell in our body vibrates at precise frequencies and exchanges information through communication of these frequencies. Therefore, we have the ability through specialized scientific bioresonance techniques to detect and correct bioenergetic imbalances in the body.

Like an antenna, our bodies resonate with frequencies around us. These frequencies can increase our vitality or weaken us. The goal is to keep our vital energy flowing, find and relieve blockages in our body meridians, protect our bodies from negative influences and optimize cellular regenerative capacities. The rigorous protocols developed within ACMOS energy balancing therapy utilizes a number of sophisticated instruments and devices, as well as an array of specific essential oils, herbs, homeopathics to release blockages in the bio-energetic system of the body. The main instruments used within ACMOS energy balancing include:

  • ACMOS Lecher Antenna
  • ACMOS Valise
  • Acmodermil Energy Stimulator
  • QuantAcmos Light Stimulator
  • “Acmos7″ Biofeedback Energy Testing Unit

ACMOS energy balancing is a highly systematic method that leaves nothing up to guesswork. Each patient is checked, measured, and scientifically calibrated so that both patient and practitioner are certain that energy pathways have been properly restored. Furthermore, this protocol often takes no more than 15 minutes to perform and patients begin feeling results almost immediately, and results are long lasting. Physicians and practitioners utilize ACMOS Method in cases including neurological conditions, degenerative diseases, and psychosomatic illnesses, as well as a number of other chronic conditions. It may be easily administered to improve effects of other common therapies and procedures.

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