Acmos Phytotherapy Valerian

Content : 44 Capsules

Net Weight : 13,9 g

Latin Name : Valeriana officinalis

Composition Valerian 240 mg
(for 1 capsule)

Used part : Roots

Capsule of plant origin

Action :

Extracts of valerian root, usually in combination with other plant medicines, are often prescribed in Europe as a substitute for benzodiazepines in the management of insomnia and anxiety. Valerian root extracts are derived from the plant Valeriana officinalis, an upright perennial that grows wild in woodlands, along river banks and in damp meadows all over Europe. Most of the plants used for medicinal preparations are cultivated.
The root of the plant is used medicinally. The root contains 0.4 -1.4% volatile oils where the primary active constituents are found.( 1) These constituents include monoterpenes and sequiterpenes with the primary focus on valerenic acid and valeranone.

Référence selectionnée : C108

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