ACMOS Lecher Antenna (Destocking : version 2020)

The Lecher ACMOS Antenna allows the measurement of energy fields and vibratory quality as well as the detection and regulation of disturbing elements detrimental to the harmony or balance of the living being.

Presentation :

  • ACMOS Lecher Antenna (Destocking : version 2020)

The previous version of the Lecher ACMOS antenna, our flagship for many years, as efficient as the current version/

Differences: wider ruler.

The 2020 antenna is sold alone (without wires, mass and box) but a list of options at the bottom of the page allows you to add these elements:

Options :

  • Pouch
  • Mass (isolated) and green wire
  • Pouch, (isolated) mass and green wire


A German physicist, Ernst Lecher, discovered in the 1920s the principle of the resonance provoked by a loop of wiring with a sliding shunt. This bears his name : the Lecher wire loop (university course program).

  • SBJ International, Energy Research Center developed a range of Acmos Lecher antennas with high sensitivity to measure all the tensions influencing the human and environmental energy and affecting man’s health. The latest model is the "Acmos Periscope type" which can not only check but also tune energy disorders in man and space.

Main characteristics of the Acmos Lecher Antenna

  1. Robust and of high level accuracy
  2. It can be folded for carrying in pocket or briefcase.
  3. It has a special device for personal energy measurements and disorder identification.
  4. A groove system makes it practical for use on major wave lengths.


Applications of the Acmos Lecher Antenna :

  1. Its high quality permits it to tune energy channels in human, objects and space.
  2. It allows control of vibratory levels in all energetic matters.
  3. It transfers energy information from energetic product to body.
  4. It allows analysis of any architectural applications actual or in project.
  5. Environmental quality measurement and regulation.
  6. It transfers energy information to balance human systems and functions as per the Acmos techniques.
  7. It can be used for evaluation of energy currents on drawings and projects as per Acmos method.
  8. It selects personalized medication and nutrition, it defines dosages and time of application.
  9. It identifies energy reinforcers in view to control medication and environmental side effects.


Net Weight :


Weight with accessories :


Lenght x width x height     

21 x 7 x 1 cm

Référence selectionnée : A004

96,00 € TTC     

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