Acmo Physio


This course will allow Acmos Bioenergeticians to acquire the basic knowledge of human physiology and to learn how to use an Acmos "Physio" protocol to determine and correct naturally in a subject, the common mistakes of lifestyle as well as their pre-injury physiological repercussions.

The main themes of this course:

  • The different physiological systems that regulate the balance of the physical body. Their operations, their interactions, and their links with energy.
  • The main physiological and psychological causes of the disturbances of these systems (deficiencies, overloads, intoxications, stress, sedentary lifestyle, ...), and their consequences on the overall health of the physical body (imbalances of ground and pre-lesional symptoms).
  • The main changes in lifestyle (diet, physical activities and stress management), to restore balance.
  • Natural remedies to accelerate physiological recovery, or to compensate for defects in lifestyle, incorrigible due to the context of life.
  • How to question and remedy by following the "Physio" protocol, integrated into the "Pathos Spécifique" chapter of the Acmos assessment, to determine by questioning the physiological causes of imbalances of the subject, and the answers to be provided: basic hygiene advice life and, where appropriate, products to restore a global physiological situation (field) or local (system, organ or gland), already too degraded (pre-injury).

This Acmos "Acmo-Physio" improvement course is open to any bio-energy student who has done Bio 3.



  • Introduction "Acmos Physio"
  • A global approach to the physical body through physiology
  • How does the physical body work?
    The cell
    Physiological fluids
    The digestive system
    The nervous system
    The endocrine system
  • The main imbalance of the ground
    Oxidation, glycation
    Dyslipidemia and dysglycemia
  • Food
    Macronutrients and micronutrients
    Vitamins, minerals, trace element, enzymes, antioxidants
  • The Protocol "Physio"
    Study of the Acmos "Physio" protocol
    Practical case study
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