The process that molecular biology is discovering, is based on the previously referred to telomeres. Which demonstrated that cellular division occurring since the start of a life, results in a successive cell degeneration at each time a gene subdivides. This can be compared to ‘a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy’ by which the reproduction of every copy results in a diminution in quality when compared to the original.


With Acmos Bioenergetics it is demonstrated that from the ‘start’ of the energetic emission of essential energy, a reducing hereditary factor inhibits the radiant qualities of the cells. This inhibition is as effective as the hereditary factor that has an influence on the function, organ or weakness of an area of the body. Another reducing factor installed since conception is the unconscious psyche, which follows after birth throughout life.

The thirty seven levels of depth that the Acmos Method allows us to identify, are reducing factors, which are implanted in our lives. In the beginning the cellular multiplication of growth and development can largely dominant and outweigh the degenerating processes. Consequentially the quality of cell vitality, and certain organisms will become spent, diseased used up. Other organisms that do not submit to the same interior and exterior restraints, find that their resistance to ageing will be better.


The procedures of Acmos measurement which can identify ageing signs:

The Acmos Lecher Antenna, The Biofeedback Acmos 7 Tester, The Acmos harmony test Valise will help evaluate the Energy Balance and The Acmodermil Stimulator Stimulation (by can only be used if the older person can accept its application without discomfort. They may prefer, to be ‘questioned’, by the Acmos Lecher Antenna at 2.5 ucta.) The QuantAcmos Maintenance Stimulator, allows the reactivation of the Command Points that have become unstable, and which over a period of time can put the overall energy balance in danger.

By strictly applying of the ACMOS Protocol, the balance can be re-established, harmonising the deep/centripetal energies with those of the surface/centrifugal energies. With older persons who are not in balance, it is usually preferable to manage their deep problem/s by a series of sessions. This is because when they are energetically unbalanced they frequently have an excess of cellular toxins which are not eliminated by their lymphatic system.

In this Acmos Seminar you will learn how ACMOS deals with aging, first by define it (biological definition, homeopathic and bioenergetic definition of aging), by spelling out aging cycles, mitigating factors of the energetic radiation and its agravating factors (genetics, hereditary/inehritance, physics, psychics and energetics).

You will study the "Bioenergetic process of aging" (extraordinary intelligence of the body, vitalization process) and how to age while limiting disabilities acquired with age.
You will learn how to fight aging with Homeopathy, to reestablish energy balance.
You'll work on aging energetics disorders (those who should be control systematically, those functional and those energetics and chronics and on the depresion.

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