Bioenergetic Level 1


"Energy dimension knowledge and measurement of Human Being in its environment"


Scientific : Instruments to Measure & Stimulate Energy Fields and Acupuncture Points

  • Analyse whether remedies, treatments, jewellery, mobile phones etc... are positive for your body and how to  improve their compatability.
  • Learn to measure and restore your own energy fields using the Acmos instruments.
  • Assess and tune the fields of your clients, your family, your pets, your home.
  • Measure the quality of nutrtion, supplements and applied lotions or creams .


  • Introduction to the Acmos Method
    How It Began
    The ACMOS Method
  • Acmos Bioenergetics & Global Balance Techniques
    The ACMOS Concept of bioenergetics-The human Vibratory Energy Centre
    The 3 ‘P’s of The Acmos Method: Prevention Personalization and Potentialization,
    The Energy Body and The Physical Body
  • The 3 Energy Fields
    Cellular division
    Vibratory Field
    Centripetal Energy Field
    Centrifugal Energy Field
  • ACMOS Method versus Traditional Chinese Medecine
    Traditional Chinese Medecine
    ACMOS Method
  • ACMOS Instruments & Equipment
    ACMOS Lecher Antenna (ALA)
    ACMOS 7 Biofeedback Energy Tester
    ACMODERMIL Detector/Stimulator
    QUANTACMOS Light Stimulator
    ACMOSAO Energy Reinforcer against computer radiation 
    ACMOS Test Valise for Testing – Harmonizing – Reinforcing
  • ACMOS Hierarchy
    Introduction to the different levels of disorders
  • ACMOS Protocol
    Introduction to the Acmoprotocol


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